Betty Olson lives in fear. The Prairie City Republican is afraid of mountain lions and wolves are overrunning our state. She's afraid to go substitute teach without a gun. And apparently, she doesn't even feel safe in the Capitol or any other government building. After the wise defeat yesterday of a bill that would have negated South Dakota's concealed weapons permit statutes, Rep. Betty Olson says she's bringing up a bill to allow us all to carry concealed weapons in local, state, and federal government buildings.

Rep. Olson's peccable logic:

You know that $10 that I pay to buy my concealed weapons permit? And that money all goes back to state and local government?... I should be allowed to come into every state-funded building, built with taxpayer money, with that state-approved $10 permit and my concealed weapon [Rep. Betty Olson (R-28B/Prairie City), quoted by David Montgomery, "Betty Olson bringing bill letting concealed weapons into government buildings," Political Smokeout, 2013.01.24].

Yes... and I paid $20 to renew my driver's license. My $20 went back the government and helped build state-funded buildings. That obviously gives me twice as much right as a concealed-weapon permit-holder to come into a state-funded building with my state-approved $20 permit and my Volkswagen.

Cars in the courthouse—just as logical and just as necessary as Betty Olson's pistol in Pierre.