It must be hard to keep spinning Rep. Kristi Noem's strawmen into rhetorical gold. Our Congresswoman is about to hire her fourth (or is it fifth?) spokesperson in 12 months:

Andrea McCarthy announced her resignation as Noem’s communications director Friday, less than a year after she took the post. McCarthy assumed the job in March.

She replaced Josh Shields, who resigned in early 2012 and took a job with Black Hills Corp. in his hometown of Rapid City. Jordan Stoick, Noem’s chief of staff, served as interim spokesman between Shields and McCarthy, a California native [Tom Lawrence, "Noem's Communications Director Resigns, Takes New Post," Mitchell Daily Republic, 2013.02.08].

Throw in last year's campaign manager Tom Erickson, and that's five different Noem spokespeople.

Compare that to Senator John Thune, who has had two press secretaries since June 2010... and the first one of those two, AshLee Strong, stayed with Thune but simply shifted to a different office. Noem's spokespeople seem inclined to seek other employers in short order.

I would too, if I were being hired to speak such unmitigated horsehockey all day.