Rep. Scott Munsterman

Rep. Scott Munsterman, trust-bustee?

We like our politicians to build trust.... but not the kind that draws anti-trust investigations. Rep. Scott Munsterman (R-7/Brookings) runs Chiropractic Associates of South Dakota. The Department of Justice sued Munsterman's outfit for using something like monopoly status since 1997 to stifle competition and drive up prices for South Dakotans who were already bent out of shape.

Munsterman has decided to quit fighting that lawsuit. If a federal judge approves a proposed settlement, CASD will stop negotiating reimbursement rates for its member chiropractors, who include four out of five South Dakota practitioners. Or, as Justice puts it, Munsterman's organization must stop "conspiring to raise fees."

Ah, trust busted, trust restored, right?