Incoming School of Mines president and former new Mexico Congresswoman Heather Wilson doesn't care much for gay people. She also apparently doesn't care for doing the paperwork the federal government expects of contractors at its nuclear labs:

Former U.S. Rep. Heather Wilson collected nearly half a million dollars in questionable payments from four federally funded nuclear labs after she left office, the Energy Department's inspector general says in a new report ["IG Report Finds 'Questionable' Payments to Former U.S. Rep. Heather Wilson," AP via Fox Business, 2013.06.11].

Just what work did Wilson do for those labs? Maybe nothing... and maybe illegal lobbying:

Officials at the Nevada Test Site and Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee acknowledged there "were no deliverables" associated with $30,000 the two labs paid Wilson, according to the Associated Press.

The contractors that run the labs billed the payments to the government "even though they did not receive evidence that work performed under the agreements had been completed," the report said.

The contractors, which include Lockheed Martin, Bechtel and other companies, have since paid back most of the money to the government but an investigation continues. In all, the government recovered $442,877 of $464,203 paid to Wilson, the report said.

In addition, the report said that Sandia and Los Alamos appear to have improperly used Department of Energy funds to pay Wilson to lobby the federal government to expand lab funding, which is prohibited activity [Jennifer Naylor Gesick, "School of Mines President Embroiled in Controversy," Rapid City Journal, 2013.06.12].

Wilson denies the lobbying charge. But no deliverables? No evidence of work performed? Yeah, I might ask for my money back, too.

If those labs ask Wilson to refund them the money that they've refunded to the government, she'll have to work from next week Monday, her first day on the job at Mines, until about November 1, 2014, at her promised Regental annual salary of $321,260 to pay off her shady contracting.