Texas State Representative Jodie Laubenberg is promoting legislation that would ban all abortions after 20 weeks and shut down all but five of her state's abortion clinics. In floor debate Sunday night, this Republican legislator faced hard questions about whether it was fair to force rape victims to travel as far as 500 miles to access abortion services. Rep. Laubenberg responded thus:

“If a woman is raped… We have hospital emergency rooms,” Rep. Jodie Laubenberg (R) insisted. “We have funded what’s called rape kits that will help the woman, basically clean her out. And then hopefully that will alleviate that.”

...She refused to entertain any further amendments following her comments about rape kits. Instead of standing to defend her bill, Laubenberg left the House floor and informed the speaker that she respectfully disagreed with everything that might follow, even though many of the pending amendments were based on the medical community’s substantive concerns about her bill [Stephen C. Webster, "Watch: Sponsor of Texas Anti-Abortion Bill Claims Rape Kits ‘Clean Out’ Pregnancy," The Raw Story, 2013.06.24].

Rep. Laubenberg's equation of rape kits with the dilation and curettage abortion procedure is a pants-on-fire lie. How a politician (with lady parts, no less!) can respectfully disagree with that medical fact escapes me.

Rep. Laubenberg's counterfactuality did not stop her Republican colleagues from passing the abortion ban. Texas Senate Democrats are filibustering to stop the bill.

This Republican foolishness comes to my attention via a Facebook comment submitted to is-she-or-isn't-she U.S. Senate candidate Annette Bosworth, who faces the challenge of reconciling her professed Janklovian Republicanism with the commitment to science demanded by her medical profession:

I sincerely hope your medical training means you know the difference between a rape kit and a D&C. Unfortunately, Rep. Jodie Laubenberg, R-Texas, doesn't know the difference (or was willing to lie about it), announced early Monday morning, on the floor of the Texas statehouse, that they are one and the same, and managed to use her misinformation to help pass a bill that will effectively end doctor's abilities to provide abortions under almost any circumstances, including in cases of rape or incest, in the state of Texas. And you wonder why I'm a Democrat [Nichole Colsch, comment to Annete Bosworth, Facebook, 2013.06.25].

Nichole Colsch was the incorporating agent of Annette Bosworth's non-profit Preventive Health Strategies. She served as the organization's board secretary last year. According to a Statement of Change filed yesterday with South Dakota Secretary of State Jason Gant, Colsch has been replaced as agent by Bosworth's husband Chad Haber. The PHS annual report filed yesterday indicates Colsch is no longer board secretary, either.

Colsch's status with PHS is non-profit trivia. Colsch's comment to candidate Bosworth is important. Let's hope that whatever debates Bosworth, M. Michael Rounds,  Rick Weiland, and other Senate candidates have on abortion will be based on facts and science, not the lies behind the Texas abortion ban.