Hey, kids! How would you like your local law enforcement, at the behest of our foreign corporate overlords, to brand you as a terrorist threat? Here are some quick and easy "suspicious activities" you can do to make yourself the envy of all your jihadi friends:

  1. "Photography, observation, or surveillance of facilities, buildings, or ritical infrastructure and key resources": take pictures of roads, pumping stations, big pipeline storage depots, or TransCanada personnel (what resource is more key than one's people?), and you, too, could be a terrorist!
  2. "Eliciting information beyond curiosity about a facility's or building's purpose, operations, or security": Curiosity kills the cat and the creepy eco-terrorist. Keep your questions to yourself, and let corporations do what they want.
  3. "Material acquisition or storage of unusual quantities of materials": And how many of you have unusual quantities of ammunition and MREs in your Black Hills bunkers? Heck, how many of you bought more pickles and beans than you really need at Sam's Club last weekend?

TransCanada, a foreign corporation, is advising your law enforcement officials, via suspicious Homeland Security Fusion Centers, to keep an eye out for the above activities, for fear that Constitutionally protected activities by American citizens could hinder their pipeline profits. Pay attention: while right-wing criers distract us with fabricated scandals about the IRS challenging your ability to violate non-profit tax code, corporations are pushing your police to limit your ability to seek information and goods and speak up against injustice. You tell me which is the greater threat to your liberty.