Watch out, Ken Santema: Senator Shantel Krebs agrees with us that Secretary of State Jason Gant must go... and she may seek the job herself. Check out this letter, which appears to be a mailing from Sen. Krebs to SDGOP delegates:

Letter from Sen. Shantel Krebs to South Dakota Republican delegates, 2013.08.27

Sen. Shantel Krebs tells GOP delegates Secretary of State Jason Gant must go. 2013.08.27

The key passage is paragraph #3:

As Republicans, Ronald Reagan always said stay the course and never switch horses midstream. But sometimes that has to be done. The integrity of the Secretary of State's office has been damaged and much of the public have lost faith in it. I believe it's time for a change and I am considering the nomination for Secretary of State [Sen. Shantel Krebs, letter to SDGOP delegates, 2013.08.27].

Sloppy grammar be darned: Rep. Shantel Krebs, a key player in the GOP mainstream, finally says what's been obvious to critics like Senator Stanford Adelstein (R-32/Rapid City) and others for well over a year: Jason Gant has violated the public trust and should not be Secretary of State.

Now note that Krebs seems primarily worried that Gant's malfeasance imperils the party's goal of maintaining the party's lock on statewide offices, not that he's been disenfranchising Indian voters, pimping his office for political favors, and violating notary law to benefit GOP pals.

Nonetheless, the Krebs declaration is significant. It suggests Jason Gant has no political capital left and no support for his continued tenure as Secretary of State.

Why not spare the state, the party, and yourself any further grief, Jason? You can't be having fun any more. Call in the one favor you may have left, land a nice quiet private sector job, and resign now. Hand your keys to Patty Miller, and leave your failure and those bothersome Indian voters behind you.