On Monday, Nathan Fluit (pronounced like "Floyd" but with a "t" on the end) posted a question on Annette Bosworth's Facebook page about the status of her Moody County land raffle. The Harrisburg man claimed he had purchased a $1,000 raffle ticket from Bosworth and was wondering where his money had gone.

Today, Fluit produces documents. First, here's the e-mail receipt he received from Bosworth's non-profit Preventive Health Strategies (I have edited out the credit card information and identity of a co-buyer):

From: preventivehealthstrategies@gmail.com
Subject: Land raffle receipt
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2012 12:58:54 -0500
To: nfluit@[...]

Nate and [...]

Thank you for your land raffle purchase. Your ticket number is 2509B. Feel free to make additional purchases to increase your chances of winning the land at https://heroes.meaningfulmedicine.org/ or calling us. We will notify you when the drawing will take place.


Peggy Craig
PHS (Preventive Health Strategies)
phone (605) 368-1741

Begin forwarded message:

From: PREVENTIVE HEALTH STRATEGIES <support@roamdata.com>

Date: October 25, 2012 12:50:23 PM CDT
Subject: Vantiv Receipt

1401 W 51ST STREET
(605) 368-1741Payment Type: CREDIT
Card Type: [...]
Account Number: XXXXXXXXXXXX[...]
Transaction ID: 2023587
Auth Code: [...]

10/25/2012 1:50:23 PM EST

Order Total:

Billed to:


Seller's Notes:
Nate fluit and [...]Buyer Phone:
Buyer Email:
Roam Data

Fluit says he and his co-purchaser bought this ticket after seeing this October 24, 2012 KDLT report by Breanna Fuss, which stated Bosworth's PHS had sold a half dozen tickets and had a goal of selling 500 by the end of the following month. Bosworth said the funds raised would be used to send members of the 114th Fighter Wing and their families on a fishing trip to Alaska, much like the one she took her purportedly impoverished family on in spring 2012, just a couple months after raising $500,000 with her first land raffle.

November 2012 passed with no drawing and no news. In February 2013, Fluit received this letter and this flyer from Preventive Health Strategies. PHS told Fluit many things:

  • The Department of Defense had ordered PHS to cease and desist their raffle. PHS said the order had something to do with rules against private groups raising funds for active duty soldiers.
  • PHS still planned to raffle the Moody County land as soon as PHS sold 500 tickets.
  • PHS said refund requests had to be submitted to their office by March 29, 2013.

Fluit says he called PHS and was told by a PHS staffer that the organization had sold 250 tickets. He decided not to ask for a refund at that time.

As reported here on the Madville Times, no drawing took place by the extended deadline of July 15, 2013. Fluit says he called PHS and asked for a refund last summer. The staffer who answered the phone told him PHS would issue his refund the next time they cut checks.

It's November, and Fluit still has received no refund. Fluit says his calls to PHS go unanswered. He says he has called the number for Meaningful Medicine, Bosworth's clinic, and even considered making an appointment just to get a chance to talk directly to Dr. Bosworth. However, he says that the clinic receptionist who spoke to him on the phone told him that she had handed a note to Dr. Bosworth with Fluit's name and number and told him the doctor would call him back. Fluit has still received no such call.

So let's review the facts:

  • Nathan Fluit and a co-buyer paid Annette Bosworth's non-profit $1,000 for a raffle ticket.
  • PHS told Fluit in February that about 250 other people had bought similar tickets.
  • Jennifer Warren of PHS partner FIRE Missions told me this summer that PHS had sold no raffle tickets.
  • PHS has not given any ticket holder the promised prize.
  • PHS said it would refund Fluit's money.
  • PHS has not refunded Fluit's money.

Clearly someone is not telling the truth. And if that someone is Annette Bosworth, then Annette Bosworth and her husband Chad Haber could be sitting on (or, more likely, have already spent) $250,000 that they gained under fraudulent circumstances.

It's time for answers, Annette and Chad. Where is Nathan Fluit's money? And who else is holding a raffle ticket for land you never gave away?