The latest Madville Times poll finds Rep. Stace Nelson and Sen. Larry Rhoden winning a big majority of blog readers' votes in South Dakota's Republican primary race for U.S. Senate. In voting from Friday, December 20, through this morning, 473 of you (a strong blog turnout!) responded to the question, "If the primary were today, who'd get your vote in the GOP Senate primary?" The results:

Stace Nelson 211 45%
Larry Rhoden 179 38%
Mike Rounds 56 12%
Jason Ravnsborg 15 3%
Annette Bosworth 12 3%

With a standard blog margin of error just slightly larger than the range of the warplanes Jason Ravnsborg likes to pose in front of, here are some possible interpretations:

  1. True to their candidate's own 20th-century predilections, Mike Rounds's supporters don't spend much time on the Internet.
  2. Contrary to expectations, voters seeking a strong conservative candidate are more likely to be reading this liberal South Dakota blog than the supposed moderates, RINOs, and Democrats-lite whom Stace Nelson would say are backing Rounds.
  3. If there was any get-out-the-vote effort, Teams Nelson and Rhoden demonstrated their ability to reach online supporters. Meanwhile, Team Ravnsborg may lack any such online organizing ability, while Team Bosworth seems to be turning its vaunted social media muscle toward new scams.

We have a week and a day until the next big test of campaign organization skills takes place, as candidates can launch their nominating petition drives on January 1. Stay tuned!