Calculated Risk offers two instructive charts on private-sector and public-sector job growth under the last five presidents. First, the private sector:
Private sector job growth Reagan to Obama Nov 2013
So far, the economy has created more private-sector jobs under President Barack Obama (dark blue line) than it did under either President George H. W. Bush (purple line) or President George W. Bush (red line). The Obama economy has managed this feat despite starting with a much sharper recession than either Bush faced.

Now the public sector:
Public sector job growth Reagan to Obama Nov 2013
Smooth out the Census spike, and the Obama economy has followed a downward trend in public-sector employment that is found in no other recent presidency besides the first part of the Reagan years, which coincided with a recession. The Bushes, faced with recession, managed to maintain growth in government employment.

Once again, economic data prove that those of you complaining about big government are viewing the charts upside down. Under President Barack Obama, government has gotten smaller.