If Marion Michael Rounds really were leading the SDGOP Senate primary race with 61% of the vote, he wouldn't be co-opting arch-conservative laugh lines like the elimination of the Department of Education:

It's time, Mike Rounds told Brown County Republicans Thursday, to get rid of the U.S. Department of Education.

Rounds, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, spoke at the party's monthly Reagan Lunch at Mavericks, and his comments about fewer federal regulations and less bureaucracy in Washington were well-received.

If elected, he said, his first order would be to create a team of effective Republican members of Congress that can get things accomplished. A Republican created the federal Department of Education, but it's time for Republican members of Congress to eliminate it, Rounds said [Scott Waltman, "Rounds: Time to Elminate U.S. Department of Ed," Aberdeen American News, 2014.01.10].

If you believe Mike on that whopper, then I have a profitable beef packing plant in Aberdeen I'd like to sell you.

Mike Rounds loves the federal Department of Education. Rewind the tape:

South Dakota should embrace the new federal education-improvement law as a way to make sure every child gets the best possible education, Gov. Mike Rounds said Tuesday.

The No Child Left Behind Act focuses on helping each student, not on building a state system or institution, Rounds told school superintendents from across South Dakota.

"The support of education is the support of our children, and that message has to be sent loud and clear," the governor told the superintendents. "The basics mean educating our children one child at a time" ["Rounds Urges School Officials to Embrace Education Law," AP via U.S. Department of Education, 2003.06.04].

Rounds appointed Rick Melmer state education secretary specifically because Melmer would be really good at implementing the federal DOE's rules. Rounds made me a Democrat with his defense of No Child Left Behind. Rounds knows tribal schools depend on federal DOE funding, and neither he nor tribal leaders want the state to have to pick up that tab.

Ronald Reagan promised to eliminate the Department of Education. He didn't do it. The 1996 GOP platform promised to eliminate the Department of Education. President George W. Bush expanded it once the GOP took the White House back.

Mike Rounds is promising to eliminate the Department of Education. He won't do it. He's just angling for conservative cred that he apparently thinks he needs and that he can't get with his record.