Lynne Hix DiSanto, GOP candidate, District 35 House

Lynne Hix DiSanto, GOP candidate, District 35 House

Speaking of women pretending to be conservatives, Gordon Howie spokesmodel Lynne Hix DiSanto is running for District 35 House. Since first gracing the pages of this blog, DiSanto has elevated her neckline but not her rhetoric. The modeling school scammer's platform consists, in its entirety, of the following priorities:

  • Limited government
  • Second Amendment as a constitutional right
  • No new taxes
  • Support term limits
  • Government spending within its means, no deficit spending
  • Hard work and personal responsibility

I wonder, why doesn't anyone lead off their campaign with a vow to uphold the First Amendment as a Constitutional right? Or the Fifth? Or the Thirteenth?

How does opposition to deficit spending distinguish any candidate in a state-level race in South Dakota, where deficit spending by law never happens?

And how does shouting "hard work and personal responsibility" serve as a voting issue? Are we to believe that DiSanto is running against someone who advocates laziness and irresponsibility?

But don't ask questions! Just look at her and all her hot Sturgis models! That page at DiSanto's Fierce Modeling got scrubbed in time for a family values political campaign, but DiSanto still advertises "promotional models" for the Sturgis rally.

Reality-TV attention to her scam-modeling school must not have been good for business; DiSanto has since branched into computer repair. (Hmm... a modeling company and computer repair... I'm sensing an opportunity to rebrand the whole Geek Squad concept....)

And as Annette Bosworth shows, when business isn't booming, you can always find money in politics. Run, Lynne, run! With the Bosworth campaign about to collapse, South Dakota will need another spokemodel to step into the void of vacuous political self-promotion.

* * *

I heard that all these modeling things are scams, are you?

Not every opportunity is a scam! We work with men, women and children and have placed many people in ads, films, etc. In most cases, people that refer to these types of things as a "scam" are people that have not been successful in modeling or acting, and need someone or something to blame for this. If you are concerned that this is a scam, we prefer not to work with you. Trust is essential to our relationship and our success as a team [Fierce Modeling Agency, FAQs, downloaded 2014.02.23].