John Tsitrian upbraided Rep. Kristi Noem last weekend for ignoring reality and voting for against this month's no-drama debt-ceiling increase. Tsitrian's Rapid City neighbor Corinna Robinson, who happens to be running for Rep. Noem's job, must be reading:

Doesn’t Representative Noem recall the devastation that resulted from her last vote to shut down the government? The last time she caved to the extremists and the government was shut down, hundreds of South Dakota cattle ranchers faced a life and death situation because of the October blizzard. When they called their government agencies that would otherwise have been able to help them, they received voicemails saying the government was shut down. So instead of being there for them, Noem sided with the anti-American government extremists and her personal and political interests. Our ranchers received little help from Noem. I will never let that happen when I am representing the good citizens of South Dakota [Corinna Robinson, press release, 2014.02.19].

Let's hope the newly Jarding-powered Camp Corinna continues to press Rep. Noem on her record and holds her accountable for failing to serve South Dakota's best interests.