Rick Weiland continues to have fun on the campaign trail. In the process, he integrates his populist message into his marketing strategy, turning the webcam spotlight on the voters he's meeting in every town (now up to #287!) in South Dakota.

In this morning's e-mail pitch, Weiland says a gal he met in Bowdle sent him a quick little video where all she said was, "I met Rick Weiland in Bowdle." This supporter suggested Weiland collect similar clips from the thousands of folks he's meeting at the Red Line Tavern, Jake's Corner, and elsewhere. Said the voter, "That would be a great way to show the difference between your take it back campaign and all the other politicians."

Rick's verbatim response:

Well DUH!!!! I guess so. Wish I had been smart enough to think of that 287 towns ago.

I wasn't smart enough back then. But at least I'm smart enough to recognize it when a fabulous idea gets in my face [Rick Weiland, campaign e-mail, 2014.02.19].

And the video response: lots of your neighbors saying they've met Rick, and some even saying they'll vote for him (Rick nearly has to mug one guy from Canova to get him to say it, but he says it):

The metaphor is apt: Weiland's video shows he wants regular South Dakotans to have a voice in the Senate.

Also helping: Weiland gets some headline photo exposure in the national press as part of what ABC News calls the Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party. Are you listening, national Dem donors?