South Dakota Republicans like to holler about Democrats offering food for votes. How about hollering about one of their own offering beer for votes?

Annette Bosworth Facebook invitation to free beer, 2014.03.20

Annette Bosworth Facebook invitation to free beer, 2014.03.20

While her son performed in a school program in Sioux Falls, fake U.S. Senate candidate Annette Bosworth was buying drinks for voters in a Rapid City bar. Bosworth invited voters to a meet and greet and Murphy's Pub and Grill in Rapid City Thursday evening and said the beer was on her.

Remarkable that Bosworth kind find the money to buy beer for perfect strangers yet not find the cash to pay people who work for her.

In legal news, South Dakota Codified Law 12-26-15(6) declares it misdemeanor bribery "To pay, lend, contribute, or offer or promise to pay, lend, or contribute, any money or other valuable consideration, to or for any voter or to or for any other person, to sign any nominating, referendum, initiated measure, or initiated constitutional amendment petition." Bosworth's beer-buying didn't happen on the reservation, so Attorney General Marty Jackley should have jurisdiction if Bosworth had her credit card in one hand and her petition clipboard in the other. If Bosworth bought you a drink and you signed her petition, do please let us know.

In psychology news, Bosworth also made the weird assertion that our grandparents were all moonshiners. Annette, your psychologist would call that projection, a defense mechanism whereby you ascribe your own objectionable attributes (in this case, a family history of lawbreaking?) to others.