O.K., I'm news. Actually, I'm not, but Pat Powers wants me to be, because, like fake Senate candidate Annette Bosworth, he survives on distracting readers from the main point (Annette Bosworth is a scam artist, bilking vulnerable donors around the country with a cynical montage of conservative talking points that she doesn't really believe, all the while refusing to pay former employees and refund the raffle ticketholders she cheated).

In today's fun and games, Powers cites the affidavit of one Tanya Montgomery, another former employee of Bosworth's clinic who is suing to get back wages. Montgomery says she was offered big money by an online journalist for information about her work for Bosworth:

In July 2013, I received a call from a writer for an online political blog inquiring about the small claims action I had filed. I did not initiate contact with the writer. He was seeking confirmation of the information found in the public file on the small claims action.

At that time the writer offered to pay me my unpaid wages if I would participate in additional interviews regarding my employment with IM, PHS and Dr. Bosworth. I refused the offer and had had no further contact with the writer until after the Motion to Dismiss and Motion for Attorney’s Fees was filed in February 2014, as the action again became an issue in the media. I have not received compensation from any writer or member of the media nor have I cooperating in providing information or documents for stories or posts [Tanya Montgomery, affidavit, Montgomery v. Bosworth, March 2014; quoted by Pat Powers, "Plaintiff in Montgomery v. Bosworth Court Case Claims Blogger Offered Her Thousands of Dollars for Her Interview," Dakota War College, 2014.03.24].

From this statement, and from Bosworth's filing of lengthy excerpts from the Madville Times in her court affidavit (Hey! Thanks for reading!), Pat Powers leaps to the conclusion that I am the blogger who offered Tanya Montgomery thousands of dollars for her story.

For the record:

  1. I do not recall speaking with a Tanya Montgomery at any point in the summer of 2013.
  2. I have never given or offered money to anyone named Tanya Montgomery.
  3. I have not volunteered to act as a conduit for money from another source to anyone named Tanya Montgomery for any information.
  4. Of the many people I have spoken to about the Bosworth story, none have received payment or an offer of payment from me for their information.
  5. No outside source, no evil George Soros "lurking behind the liberal curtain," has offered to spot me any amount of money to get sources to talk about Annette Bosworth. People are talking about Annette Bosworth because they see bad things happening that they want to stop.
  6. The money I have spent covering the Bosworth story consists of a few dollars to obtain records of Bosworth hubby Chad Haber's corporate filings in Utah, and I spent that money grudgingly, because I am a bigger cheapskate than any Republican. I haven't even coughed up the cash to subscribe to PACER and read Raymond Paul Morris's claim that Haber was the mastermind of the criminal 100X mortgage-flipping scheme.
  7. Beyond that, my expense on the Bosworth story consists of research, time on the phone, and the effort to write the accurate, documented articles on the Bosworth campaign that you expect.

And in all of my writing on this story, I have gotten nothing as wrong as Pat gets when he claims I have offered a Bosworth source thousands of dollars for her story. His claim his as wildly false and verging on slanderous as his claim last summer that I stole documents from a locked desk in Chad Haber's office.

I have been diligent and truthful in my coverage of Annette Bosworth's Senate campaign fundraising scam from day one. Pat Powers has been neither.

Sources, to be clear: you won't get rich talking to me. But if you tell me truth that's in the public interest, you'll get your story told well... and if we keep speaking up, you may get justice.

p.s.: If I have $5,000 to spend on the blog, I won't waste it buying a source on one story when I already have lots of information pouring out of the leaky Bosworth bucket for free. I'll spend that $5,000 on a grand tour of South Dakota, talk to a hundred people, and get interviews, pictures, and video for a whole year's worth of quality blog stories... and some fresh kuchen and buffalo burgers.