Today is the deadline for Democratic and Republican candidates to submit their nominating petitions to run for Legislature and other offices. With seven hours to go until the 5 p.m. CDT deadline to hand petitions to Secretary of State Jason Gant, here's the scorecard for the parties on filling Legislative slots, boiled down from the official SOS candidates list:

Senate House
Dem candidates 13 29
Dem primaries 0 2
Dem empty slots 22 43
GOP candidates 32 61
GOP primaries 4 6
GOP empty slots 8 19

So far Republicans have fielded 2.2 times as many candidates as Democrats. They also so far have 5 times more fun—i.e., primaries—than we Dems. Only two races have more Dems than seats:

  • House District 1, with newcomers Dustina Gill and Steven McCleery challenging incumbent Dennis Feickert;
  • House District 26A, one of our two single-seaters, with Joshua Wilson and Shawn Bordeaux, both of Mission, on the ballot.

Democrats have 62% of Legislative slots to fill; Republicans just 26%. Let's see more petitions!

And remember, even if you can't deliver those petitions to Secretary Gant in person today, you can mail them, but they have to be sent registered mail by 5 p.m. today!

Watch Secretary Gant's Twitter feed for down-to-the-wire updates today, as well as the official candidates list, which Sec. Gant updates daily and which should be finalized, barring challenges by the end of the week.

Update 11:47 CDT: Holy balls of liberalism! In the last half hour, Secretary Gant has tweeted the certification of petitions for eight Democratic candidates for Legislature and two Republicans. The Dems include Augustana economics professor Reynold Nesiba for District 13 Senate and Rochelle Hagel, sister of District 9 Rep. Paula Hawks, for District 33 House.

Update 21:40 CDT: Here's the above chart updated with Secretary Gant's approved candidate list as of end of business today:

Senate House Total
D-cand 22 43 65
D-primary 1 2 3
D-empty 14 29 51
R-cand 35 72 107
R-primary 4 8 12
R-empty 5 9 14