Mr. Kurtz quite aptly points to Montana Democrats' can-do attitude as a model for South Dakota Democrats:

Democrats fielded at least one candidate in every contested Montana House and Senate seat by the filing deadline Monday, and said they’re primed to challenge Republicans this election year for control of the 2015 Legislature.

“I think majorities are within our reach,” said Lauren Caldwell, director of the Montana Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee. “We are not taking a single seat for granted and we are not leaving a single district without a Democratic candidate” [Mike Dennison, "Democrats Field Candidate in Every Legislative Race," Helena Independent Record, 2014.03.11].

A Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee—do we South Dakota Dems have that?*

Montana's deadline is two weeks earlier than ours. With two weeks to go, South Dakota Democrats have candidates for 7 of 35 Senate seats and 5 of 70 House seats. 89% to go, Dems! Let's see some petition power!

*Update 16:05 CDT: Looks like we do, kinda sorta. Shortly after posting, I received the following e-mail from Debra Elofson of the Minnehaha Dems Candidate Recruitment Committee:

  Dear Fellow Democrat,

Late winter can be a tough time here in South Dakota. While the weather tests the limits of our endurance, reports from the Legislature test our sense of reason.

Most of what happens in Pierre is important, but unremarkable. Legislators go about the day-to-day business of state government with little disagreement. But then something happens that is just so goofy ­­so wrong­headed, ­­or just so plain mean, ­­it even makes the national news.

The weather will improve, and our state and local government could improve, ­if we can identify and recruit capable Democrats to run for office. You probably know someone who could be a great legislator. They might not be the most strident Democrat in your circle of friends. It might be a neighbor who plays softball and coaches youth sports, or the teacher newly retired who delivers for Meals ­on­ Wheels, or the parent who organizes extra help for kids who are struggling in school.

Martin Luther King said “Not everybody can be famous but everybody can be great because greatness is determined by service...You only need a heart full of grace and a soul generated by love.” There are public spirited Democrats all over South Dakota who now serve their schools and churches and communities who would be honored to serve in public office, but haven't been encouraged to become a candidate. We need your help to find them.

If you know someone you think would be a great legislator or county official, please contact the South Dakota Democratic Party. The SDDP will contact your prospective candidates and talk with them about running for office and the procedure for getting on the election ballot. Time is short. So many good Democrats have already taken out petitions to run for state and local office, but we have less than two weeks to find more good public spirited Democrats to fill the slate of candidates.

Help us identify more good Democratic candidates!
Contact us today »

Please consider giving some of your time and attention to our search for candidates. Your help is greatly needed, and will be greatly appreciated!

Thank You,

Debra Elofson
Minnehaha County Democratic Party
Candidate Recruitment Committee

I actually think a few more strident Dems might be a good thing. But the casting call is up! All it takes in most districts is 50 signatures (less than that everywhere but District 1, but get a cushion! Aim high!). Go get 'em!