So that's why Ron Sasso was Googling himself: he's running for office! The Rapid City counselor wants to be a city councilor again. Sasso says he filed his nominating petition yesterday to run for Ward 5 City Alderman, the seat he held for a term from 2011 to 2013. Sasso lost that seat to developer Bradley Estes; now Sasso is running for the other Ward 5 seat being vacated by Bonny Petersen. Sasso is running against education outreach coordinator Darla Drew.

I've given Sasso grief for peddling theocracy (o.k., Christian invocations at council meetings), but he's also peddling pedaling: his campaign announcement (see below) highlights his desire to make Rapid City more bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly. It will be interesting to hear whether his debates with Drew will stay focused on practical quality-of-life questions or whether Sasso will slip into Christian soldiering.