Attorney General Marty Jackley makes the following statement in favor of allowing the public to see documents related to an investigation in which the public has questioned the conclusions and actions of state law enforcement:

"I think the public should see what law enforcement had," Jackley said, referring to why the farm was searched [Carson Walker, "South Dakota's Jackley Wants 1971 Evidence Issued," AP via USD Volante, 2014.04.25].

AG Jackley is referring to the evidence that led to searches ten years ago of the Lykken farm near Alcester, searches that led to wrongful charges of murder. AG Jackley is not referring to the evidence and documents in his investigation of the death last October of Richard Benda, former state economic development chief and primary player in the GOED/EB-5/NBP/Keystone XL scandal. Funny how AG Jackley's commitment to open records comes and goes.