Responding to news that Secretary of State Jason Gant has asked Attorney General Marty Jackley to review fake Republican Senate candidate Annette Bosworth's nominating petition, Bosworth attorney and official petition challenge spokesman Joel Arends says the Bosworth campaign really isn't worth our attention:

Patrick Davis, Bosworth's campaign manager, said Arends would be Bosworth's official spokesman on the petition challenge.

Arends also noted Bosworth is among candidates chasing the presumed favorite in the Republican Senate primary, former Gov. Mike Rounds.

"Why focus so much time on her?" he asked [Peter Harriman, "Gant: Bosworth Has Enough Signatures to Be in GOP Senate Primary," that Sioux Falls paper, 2014.04.05].

Please understand if I demur, just slightly, from Arends's rhetorical point. As the Bosworth campaign death-spirals into personal vindictiveness, this money-making scam deserves just a few more news stories, like the other crime-of-the-week stories that make the lead on KELO.

But Arends is basically right. Come June, if Bosworth's name remains on the ballot, 95% of Republican voters will validate his assessment and vote for someone else.