In another uninstructive and maliciously deceptive post, Pat Powers claims that Ashley Heacock, manager for Democrat Corinna Robinson's U.S. House campaign, is not proud of the Constitution.

This is another of the headline lies and ad hominem distractions that are standard on Dakota War College. Here's the fact-checking that is standard on the Madville Times:

  1. Powers cites a September 19, 2013, tweet from Heacock that reads, "Having the world's oldest written constitution is not something to be proud of".
  2. Heacock was reading and links to this September 18, 2013, Foreign Policy article in which Georgetown law professor Rosa Brooks responds to the Washington Navy Yard shootings in her city by arguing that gun rules written over 200 years ago may not adequately address modern gun issues.
  3. Brooks offers a useful analogy as to why the age of a document does not equate with merit:

    I teach constitutional law, I ask my students if they're happy that they live in a nation with the oldest written constitution in the world. They all nod enthusiastically. Then I ask them if they'd be equally pleased if our neurosurgeons operated in accordance with the oldest anatomy book in the world, or our oil tankers steered using the oldest navigational charts in the world, or NASA's rocket scientists used Ptolemaic astronomy to chart the path of the Mars Rover.

    Frankly, having the world's oldest written constitution is not something to be proud of [Rosa Brooks, "Blood on the Constitution," Foreign Policy, 2013.09.17].

  4. Pat's headline shouts that Heacock is not proud of the Constitution.
  5. But Heacock makes no such statement. Her tweet (79 characters, plus the link) only repeats Brooks's statement about the merit of having the oldest Constitution.
  6. Powers says he is "stunned that Robinson seems to think this is the kind of person she wants running her South Dakota Congressional campaign."
  7. Pat claims to be an expert on running campaigns, despite, like me, never winning one.
  8. Pat should thus be stunned if Robinson didn't pick a person like Heacock to run her campaign. Check out her résumé: speaks six languages; worked in Africa, the Middle East, and Washington, D.C.; writes e-books about entrepreneurship in developing countries and conflict in Mali; interned for Senator Johnson, paged for Rep. Herseth, and coordinated legislative campaigns; got into Harvard for grad school—good grief! She's ten times smarter than Pat and two times smarter than me. Why wouldn't Robinson want someone like that running her campaign?

Pat's snide attempt to malign Robinson and Heacock by misrepresenting a single tweet demonstrates how his partisanship blinds him to a remarkable list of achievements and experiences... a list all the more remarkable in that they've been gathered by a South Dakotan who graduated from high school just eight years ago.

But hey, because she read and quoted a pointed, emotional, yet intelligent critique of the U.S. Constitution, she must be a witch. Burn her at the stake!