...because she's run out of suckers in America?

We've already caught Annette Bosworth committing perjury by swearing a false petition circulator's oath. Now comes evidence that Bosworth is violating federal campaign finance rules by soliciting donations overseas.

Conrad Longmore is a British citizen and blogger. He reports receiving a campaign finance pitch from the Bosworth campaign. Longmore traces the pitch to Bosworth and not random spam regurgitation with the following digital forensic evidence:

The spam originates from two18.2bits.co ( and spamvertises a site at marketer.2bits.co ( Both these IPs are allocated to Limestone Networks in the US, but are suballocated to a customer called Joseph (Joey) Burzynski of ResistedNormalcy LLC and/or MarketKar.ma in Dallas. The email is digitally signed for the domain bosworthcampaign.com which has hidden WHOIS details [Conrad Longmore, "Dr. Annette Bosworth Is a Moron Spammer," Dynamoo's Blog, 2014.05.09].

Multiple sources have confirmed that Joey Burzynski has worked for Bosworth and her husband Chad Haber on other Web efforts to raise their profile. Those sources include Bosworth and Haber themselves, on Burzynski's LinkedIn profile:

Clients Annette Bosworth and Chad Haber recommend Joey Burzynski on LinkedIn, spring 2013.

Clients Annette Bosworth and Chad Haber recommend Joey Burzynski on LinkedIn, spring 2013.

Bosworth may not like being micromanaged, but Burzynski might have wanted to inform his client of federal campaign finance regulation 11 CFR 110.20(g):

No person shall knowingly solicit, accept, or receive from a foreign national any contribution or donation prohibited by paragraphs (b) through (d) of this section.

Bosworth has spoken of accepting responsibility for her team's actions. Joey Burzynski is part of Team Bosworth. Team Bosworth asked Conrad Longmore for campaign cash. Conrad Longmore is a foreign national. Therefore, Annette Bosworth just broke federal law.

Mr. U.S. Attorney, if you must wait until June 4 to indict, I'd have a couple extra agents at Joe Foss Field, just in case.

Update 2014.05.12 17:25 CDT: Another blog reports receiving spam from the Bosworth campaign via a private e-mail address that could only have been obtained via the recent hacking of Adobe.com.