Last December, reporter Bob Mercer asked Attorney General Marty Jackley to release records from the investigation of Richard Benda's unusual death. Mercer wanted the public to see those records to address widely circulating doubts about the validity of AG Jackley's conclusion that Benda committed suicide. AG Jackley refused, on the seemingly extra-legal pretense of the family's desire to keep said records secret.

Yesterday the Office of Hearing Examiners upheld AG Jackley's secrecy on the Benda investigation. Chief Hearing Examiner Hillary Brady said AG Jackley's extra-legal conditions on releasing the information are legal. Brady's ruling cites statute exempting criminal investigation records from public view... which remains highly suspicious, since Mercer is requesting information about Richard Benda's death, which the Attorney General has said was not a crime, but just a suicide.

As the state thus continues to keep secrets, Gordon Howie releases his conversation with me about Richard Benda's death and other matters related to the GOED/EB-5/Benda scandal:

Note that I'm trying hard to accept the Attorney General's conclusion. It would be a lot easier if the AG would share the solid evidence that led him to that conclusion.