Cheers to the Mitchell Daily Republic for recognizing that GOP U.S. Senate candidate Marion Michael Rounds is pulling our legs when he pander-shouts that he'll eliminate the federal Department of Education:

HISSES to former governor and current U.S. Senate candidate Mike Rounds for repeating, during his Friday night visit to Mitchell, his earlier call to abolish the U.S. Department of Education. The same day we printed his comments about that, we also printed a separate story revealing that South Dakota is third-most dependent among all states on federal government aid for K-12 education, receiving 16.4 percent of its K-12 budget from the feds. A man who governed a state so dependent on federal education money lacks the credibility to claim the federal government should have no role in K-12 education. Change and improve the Department of Education? Fine. But calls to abolish it strike us as unrealistic political pandering [editorial board, "Hisses and Cheers," Mitchell Daily Republic, 2014.05.25].

Normally Rounds's feigned ignorance of fiscal reality would end on June 3, when he could stop having to recycle old-conservative dog whistles to beat Stace Nelson and focus instead on calling Rick Weiland a liberal. But if Rounds wins the primary, he'll have to keep saying silly things like "Nuke the Department of Education!" to beat back the conservative challenge from Gordon Howie.

And the longer Rounds has to do that, the longer voters will have to see that Rounds is a spineless panderer with no credibility.