Last week we discussed South Dakota's red-state moocherism in the form of its third-place rank for reliance on federal support for its state budget.

In further refutation of Governor Dennis Daugaard's oft-proclaimed commitment to self-reliance (also here, here, and here), NPN finds that we are also third-worst at funding our own education system. According to newly released Census data on public education financing, Uncle Sam provides 16.4% South Dakota's K-12 spending.

Remember, this reliance on Uncle Sam comes in a state where we don't take Medicaid expansion money because we don't trust the federal government to sustain its spending levels.

Only Mississippi and Louisiana get a greater portion of their K-12 budget from the feds. Nationwide, the feds provide 10.0% of K-12 funding.

Alas, the savings from the federal largesse don't trickle down to local school districts; they all accrue to Pierre. Nationally, state and local funding for K-12 education is about an even split, 45.5% to 44.5%. In South Dakota, the state provides 30.5%, while locals provide 53.1%. No state provides less funding as percentage of total K-12 spending than South Dakota.

Here's the data for South Dakota and its neighbors:

K-12 education funding from federal, state, and local sources, 2012
Fed % State % Local %
Iowa 8.5 44.4 47.1
Minnesota 7.0 63.1 29.9
Montana 13.3 47.2 39.5
Nebraska 9.9 31.6 58.5
North Dakota 12.3 50.5 37.3
South Dakota 16.4 30.5 53.1
Wyoming 8.7 51.3 40.0
Source: Mark Dixon, "Public Education Finances: 2012," 2012 Census of Governments, U.S. Census Bureau, May 2014

Our K-12 lean on the federal crutch is not new; it is chronic South Dakota irresponsiblity, reported for years on this blog, from Republican governors and state legislators who subsidize their low-tax promises by taking money hand over fist from an ever-forgiving Uncle Sam and the generous liberals in other states who can't turn their backs on the children we hold hostage.

Hmmm... imagine what would happen if liberal neighbors in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wyoming(!) got tired of giving in to our demands. They might decide to save money by saving the hostages. They're paying for our students' learning anyway; why not just recruit their families to move out and come to Marshall and Minneapolis, Hawarden and Des Moines, Cody and Cheyenne, where they'll find happier, better-paid teachers and lower local school district tax burdens.

We are an independent lot who believe in self-reliance, perseverance, and determination.... South Dakotans are also some of the most compassionate and generous people you will ever meet [Governor Dennis Daugaard, explaining to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius why South Dakota has chosen not to expand Medicaid, letter, 2014.01.30].