Hey, everybody, guess what? Brandon Taliaferro and us bloggers are all lying about Annette Bosworth. So says the perjurious political poseur's paid press, which asserts that Bosworth brought a check to court Monday to pay attorney Taliaferro the $25,000 retainer he said he never received:

By the way, Bosworth is and was ready, willing and able to pay the retainer. She brought a check to the hearing yesterday [Annette Bosworth's paid spokesperson, "Lawyer Did NOT Drop Bosworth For Non-Payment: South Dakota Blogs Lie About It," that fake Bosworth-Haber blog, 2014.08.05].

So let's see: the retainer was supposed to be paid by July 25. Bosworth offered to pay it on August 4. O.K., fine.

The one thing we do learn from this claim is that now Judge John L. Brown can comfortably reject any attempt Bosworth may make to obtain a public defender, since her own press team says she can afford to pay for her own lawyer. Thank you, Annette, for letting us taxpayers off the hook.