The majority of South Dakotans don't want Mike Rounds to be their Senator. His failing campaign remains alive only because South Dakotans even more passionately don't want Barack Obama to be their President. Remind voters that Larry Pressler voted for Obama twice, and his hypothetical head-to-head advantage over Rick Weiland against Rounds would disappear.

It's probably a fool's errand to try reversing that deep-seated antipathy for our President in four weeks. But if voters want to honestly assess the impact of President Obama's policies and the wisdom of sending Mike Rounds to join a Republican majority that would obstruct the President, consider:

Mayday PAC and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee won't spend their money telling South Dakotans how awesome Barack Obama is. They'll focus on selling Weiland's awesomeness and Rounds's awfulness. But if you find a voter who's open to the conversation, remind them that voting for Rounds to check President Obama's policies is counterproductive.