John Tsitrian suggest on The Constant Commoner that the competing road tax-and-fix proposals before the South Dakota Legislature may provoke an urban-rural civil war, or at least a constructive statewide conversation. I'm all about South Dakotans with diverse perspectives coming together to identify common interests, balance competing interests, and build practical solutions.

I'm not all about Americans for Prosperity butting into our Legislature and interfering with a practical discussion of real local problems with their ideological hogwash. The Koch brothers' lobbying group, a combination pro-corporate fascist front and jobs program for Republican lackeys, announces that it "will be engaging on the Highway Funding Bill."

What whit do the Koch brothers care about South Dakota's roads as they flit about in their private jets? Americans for Plutocracy Prosperity has no interest in fixing South Dakota's roads or solving any other South Dakota problem. Their immediate goal in "engaging" on South Dakota's highway funding will be to make sure their corporate pals pay as little as possible for the roads that make their businesses possible. They are probably among the "organizations" Governor Dennis Daugaard mentioned in his Tuesday press conference who have pushed him to water down the robust road-funding proposal produced by the interim Highway Needs and Financing committee, which spent months talking with experts on the practical condition of South Dakota roads.

The prosperity these Americans are for is their own, not yours and mine, and not South Dakota's. Their overarching goal is not good policy but no policy, no government or community power that can check their rapacious greed and exploitation.