In the "No News Is Bad News" Department, I was wondering if the South Dakota Banking Commission had ever ruled on whether SDRC Inc., the controversial Aberdeen company into which Joop Bollen privatized his state duties as EB-5 visa investment manager, was a bank. Recall that in November 2013, I reported that SDRC Inc. had engaged in lending activities but never obtained a state lending license and never paid state bank franchise tax. Brown County, which could be out $1.76 million in tax payments from SDRC Inc., asked the state Banking Commission to look into SDRC Inc's bank status in September. Banking Commission Bret Afdahl said at that point the commission was looking into the issue and that companies like SDRC Inc. usually responded to requests for information within 30 days.

I contacted Director Afdahl Monday and asked what the Banking Commission had found or decided. Afdahl replied thus:

The Division of Banking is investigating whether a license is necessary for SDRC, Inc. and that investigation is not yet complete [Bret Afdahl, South Dakota Banking Commission, e-mail, 2015.01.13].

That sentence means what you think it means: SDRC Inc. remains under investigation, 90 days after we would have expected SDRC Inc. to have responded to the Banking Commission's request, and the Commission cannot comment further. But the rest of us can.