Oh look: South Dakota's #2... in measles!

Measles map, New York Times, February 2, 2015

Measles map, New York Times, February 2, 2015.(Click to embiggen!)

Asterisk our #2: four of the cases mapped around Mitchell are folks from other states inflating our numbers.

I heard Senator Rand Paul on NPR yesterday saying he's not against vaccinations but that "it is an issue of freedom" for parents choosing how to take care of their children.

I'd tell Senator Paul that choosing not to vaccinate your kids is like choosing to smoke in the house while your kids around. You have the freedom to make that choice, but it's a stupid choice, based with few exceptions on ignorance and selfishness. And you're not making that choice in some remote Galt's Gulch utopia; you're making that choice here, in real society, surrounded by real people whose lives your choice will negatively impact.

Go ahead, exercise your freedom. But keep your cigarettes and your measles-prone children away from my child.