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Uncle Sam Promises $54 Million Boost for SD Universities FY2012

Please tell me Kristi Noem and John Thune won't send this money back: Governor Rounds's budget proposal has Uncle Sam giving $54 million more to South Dakota's public university system in Fiscal Year 2012. That increase is part of $248 million in total anticipated federal funding for Board of Regents programs. Essentially, Uncle Sam picks up 31% of the total $797 million Regental budget.

Some universities come out better than others under the proposed budget. Here's a chart of the net changes proposed from this year's budget to next year's:

Proposed Changes from FY 2011 to FY2012
State Fund
Federal Fund
Other Fund
Total FTE
Total $3,818,909 $53,823,221 $19,902,254 $77,544,384 227.5
Central Office ($6,026) $0 $1,650,845 $1,644,819 0.0
Scholarships $31,642 $0 $0 $31,642 0.0
Employee Compensation and Health Insurance $3,051,208 $1,113,729 $3,181,609 $7,346,546 0.0
USD $178,715 ($2,737,138) $0 ($2,558,423) 0.0
USD Med $106,310 ($1,628,199) $0 ($1,521,889) 0.0
SDSU $247,604 $4,807,787 $11,412,400 $16,467,791 136.5
SDSM&T $80,969 $56,579,910 $1,930,000 $58,590,879 40.0
NSU $48,780 ($747,103) $0 ($698,323) 5.0
BHSU $40,173 ($5,710,280) $477,400 ($5,192,707) 11.0
DSU $39,534 $2,144,515 $1,250,000 $3,434,049 35.0

The biggest chunk of new federal dollars goes to the School of Mines (Tony's probably building an even bigger laser to pop popcorn at the dean's house). The biggest jump in jobs, though, comes at SDSU, which gets 60% of the new full-time equivalents.

Dakota State University comes out o.k., with nearly three and a half million more in funding and 35 new jobs. That would make up nicely for the seven teachers the Madison Central School District would have to fire to make up for the $275K Governor Rounds wants to cut from their budget. Maybe we just need to graduate some kids early and send them to DSU.


  1. Tony Amert 2010.12.10

    Just a couple comments regarding the Federal component of your table. About half of that increase comes from the DUSEL national lab and really will have a fairly minor impact at SDSMT. The money is being run through SDSMT just because of proximity to the mine.

    Second, about 3/8ths of this number is competitively funded proposals from the NSF/DoD.

    The last about 1/8th to 1/10th of this is from directed funding.

  2. caheidelberger 2010.12.10

    Of course -- I wish we had a separate line for DUSEL on that chart. I wonder: are some of DSU's FTE's also tied in with DUSEL?

  3. caheidelberger 2010.12.10

    Brett! National Science Board says no funding for Homestake next year? Ouch! That's gonna leave a mark... a 29-million-dollar mark. How on earth did Rounds let that go without mention in his speech Tuesday?!

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