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Adelstein: Powers Not Fit for Sec. State Flunky

Last updated on 2012.06.19

Senator Adelstein gets double attention this morning. On Mount Blogmore, the Rapid City Republican raises some grave concerns about the patronage that has killed Dakota War College and elevated Pat Powers to director of operations for the Secretary of State.

The employment of a patently dishonest person in an office requiring absolute objective fairness is outrageous. One example, that comes to mind—that I copied before he tried erasing his multiple calumnies—is the false charge against my company—not just me personally—of giving "80,000 to Democratic candidates." This on it's [sic] face was untrue, since he knew, or should have known that this would be illegal. The CORPORATE dollars were given on a BALLOT issue—else they would have been illegal. They were used successfully to defeat the "no exception" abortion on the ballot.

There are a number of other cases of total untruthfulness. This was not just the case with me, but others as well. Ragging on me for years, month after month—even when I was out of office—indicates a public hatred that renders Mr Powers unfit to occupy an office that requires impartial treatment of citizens. Treatment that we have come to regard as only natural in that office with the last three occupants, all whom I knew well both politically and as an active operator of a large complex corporation, many "not for profits", numerous LLCs and Rapid City Enterprise funds [State Senator Stan Adelstein, blog comment, submitted 2010.12.14, under Kevin Woster's "From War College to SOS, in a cloud of nuked archives," Mount Blogmore, 2010.12.13].

Such is the risk we bloggers run. Mr. Powers has made a number of enemies with his political blogging. Now elevated by political chum Jason Gant to a particularly sensitive public office, Powers himself will now face harsh scrutiny to see if he can go beyond stepping away from the blog mic and develop the reputation for strict adherence to the law and fairness that were the hallmark of outgoing Secretary Chris Nelson and his staff (far too many of whom are clearing the decks to make way for Gant's appointees).

Bonus Blog Snark: Mr. Kurtz says the delete-fest continues at Dakota War College, as he says a comment he submitted linking to Adelstein's charges was deleted by DWC committee-blogger Tyler Crissman. Mr. Crissman replies that "Forces beyond our control made it necessary for us to take that story down." Evading responsibility, hiding behind vague, unnamed forces—sounds like dark Powers at work. (I also can't link to Crissman's response directly, since their new new theme omits comment permalinks. Sigh.)


  1. Bill Fleming 2010.12.16

    Which SDWC thread contains TC's deletion notice, Cory?

  2. larry kurtz 2010.12.16

    This is at the bottom of the webpage: "Designed by Dating South Africa. In collaboration with Trabajo, Over 50 Dating, and Florist Jobs."

  3. larry kurtz 2010.12.16

    Now there are no author names with posts. ip's comments are being deleted by sending them to moderation. Pat's mug has disappeared from the address bar.

  4. Jim Hock 2010.12.16

    I don't know the policies you have on comment ownership; but on a lot of the blogs and aggregators I read the comments are the ownership and copyright of the commentators (commentors?). I also don't know the policies of SDWC. But with him not making the comments available to the commentators could be a breach of copyright. Can any of you who comment there access any of your old comments?
    Also isn't it kind of, I don't want to say cowardly, but kind of weiney to make all the comments and post that he did and just because he gets a job where they might come back to bite him he just hides them?

  5. caheidelberger 2010.12.16

    Bill, I think it was the link above, where Tyler offers his excuse for the disappearance.

    Jim, interesting point. Trying to pin down copyright for every bit of content online is like trying to pin down copyright to your high school yearbook. Does each student retain copyright for each photo he or she took or each page he or she wrote? Do the people who sign their names in your copy afterward retain copyright to their recollections of that great party where everyone sang Sophie B. Hawkins?

    No blog exists alone. Hyperlinks and multilogue create the blogosphere's unique value. I say this is "my blog, my rules." I could clearly identify if someone was plagiarizing or otherwise stealing my original content for their own gain. But my blog is also deeply embedded in the public sphere. If I nuked this blog, I'd be blowing another whole in a rich public fabric of hyperlinked discourse in a way even more drastic than if we could make every copy of the Madison Daily Leader suddenly vanish.

    I will have trouble accepting a job that would not only require me to stop blogging but also delete all past blogging. Work should not demand such back-censorship.

  6. Bill Fleming 2010.12.17

    Well Cory, if it was there once, it ain't there now. Weird stuff going on over there. The "Ghost of Christmas Pat" maybe?

  7. larry kurtz 2010.12.17

    If public outcry forces the SOS to jettison Mr. Powers, might we expect that record to magically reappear?

  8. Erin 2010.12.17


    No, but Northern Valley Beacon was.

  9. Anonymous 2010.12.21

    Very interesting Cory, that connects the remaining dots on Gant/Powers. Now I am sure that all Gants signs were supplied by Powers, a huge campaign finance law violation. He had more signs than someone running for President and I had the proof Powers Sign website had been used to promote gant's campaign. That I knew all along BUT certainly with this "pay back" of a position we can bet that Powers indeed supplied ALL Gants thousands of signs which would be a cost WAY in excess of allowed inkind contribution limits which is exactly as I suspected from the beginning of campaign.

    Enjoyed the article,


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