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DWC Botches Facts on Reid Nay to 9/11 First Responder Bill

Senator Harry ReidSenator Harry Reid, Democrat of Nevada, patriotic champion of 9/11 first responders... unlike Senator John Thune.

Or, Note to Cons — when attacking check your facts first.

Tyler Crissman steps to the conservative mic this afternoon and gets mom's spaghetti all over his sweater. In an attempt to deflect criticism from major Dakota War College ad-buyer and Senator John Thune for his unpatriotic obstruction of medical compensation for sick and dying 9/11 first responders, Crissman fumes that the Left blogo-hemisphere hasn't criticized Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for his own nay on the Zadroga bill.

Why, oh why, wouldn't we liberals have issued such criticism of the Senate Majority Leader?

Fifty-seven Democrats voted for the bill and 41 Republicans opposed it. Sen. Harry Reid, the Democratic leader, switched his vote to 'no' at the last moment, a parliamentary move that allows him to bring the measure up again for a vote ["9/11 health 'Zadroga bill' fails in Senate test vote," AP via, 2010.12.09].

I eagerly await Mr. Crissman's retraction. Or maybe they'll just delete that post and all the comments that follow. Revisionist deletion is the Dakota War College way.

Meanwhile, if you're from Nevada, call Senator Reid and tell him to keep fighting for H.R. 847. If you're from South Dakota, call Senator Thune and tell him to stop fighting H.R. 847.

Update 19:04 CST: Dang it! How are we supposed to sustain a healthy blog snarkfest if we go issuing corrections and apologies and straightening out our facts? Mr. Crissman replies promptly with a mea culpa... and corrects my shoddy geography. Harry Reid is indeed senior Senator from Nevada, not New Mexico as I originally stated.


  1. Tyler Crissman 2010.12.20


    Last time I checked, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is from Nevada... not New Mexico.

  2. Bill Fleming 2010.12.20

    Yes, Nevada. To Tyler's credit, he did allow that he was himself supportive of the Zandroga Act. I wonder if he's called Mr. Thune yet.

    There was controversy over this bill the last time it came up as well. And some political parlor games as well if I recall. In my mind, this is not the right bill to fiddle around with like that.

    It's that kind of crap that makes us ALL furious with Congress.

  3. caheidelberger 2010.12.20

    Correction made! Thanks, Tyler! Where's yours?

  4. larry kurtz 2010.12.20

    How is blocking ip good for DWC, TC?

  5. Terry 2010.12.21

    I'll say the same thing I did on DWC. Not taking care of our soldiers hurt in the line of duty should be considered criminal. The same goes for our police officers, rescue workers, and our fire fighters. Give these people the help they deserve when they get hurt in the line of duty. That goes for those involved in the tragedy of 9/11 as well. Larry, on another note, I noticed that DWC only deletes my posts when I talk about Noem. I think she is off limits. Try posting how pretty she is. They might allow that.

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