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Grand Slam: All SD Keystone Pump Stations Leak

Last updated on 2011.07.13

TransCanada's Keystone pipeline system is now up to five reported leaks in our neighborhood. According to a National Response Center incident report tracked down by Ms. La Seur at Plains Justice, Pump Station #20 up in the Andover-Ferney metroplex here in South Dakota blew a gasket and spilled ten gallons of tar sands crude and mystery dilutents on our turf.

Now a ten-gallon leak isn't much. But now five such leaks have occurred, one at each of the pumping stations in South Dakota and one just south at the Hartington, Nebraska station. And that's four more leaks than TransCanada told us would happen every 65 years.

No word yet from TransCanada on what it's discovered about the 47 "expansion anomalies" it's been digging up since late fall. But when they put that dirt back, perhaps they should send some crew to put rubber pants on their leaky pump stations.