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Congresswoman Realizes Acronymial PACs Offer Leadership Advantages

I take it all back: Congresswoman Kristi Noem is a genius. Just look at her new political action committee. She didn't just call it "Kristi-PAC," the way some other pols just slap their name on their slush funds. She and her top-notch advisors put their heads together and came up with a real whopper of a name: Keeping Republican Ideas Strong Timely & Inventive PAC. K-R-I-S-T-I PAC. Brilliant. Josh and Jordan probably spent more time dreaming up that acronym than they have coming up with an honest defense of why Noem thinks her supersized farm subsidies are more important than public broadcasting, women's health care, and the Institute for Peace (a program, by the way, that General Anthony Zinni says is pretty darned useful).

Dakota War College reads the formation of KRISTI-PAC as the sign of an "astute politician" getting ready to run for Senate in 2014. But as NYT's Derek Willis explains, leadership PACs' money "cannot be transferred to a candidate's congressional campaign." This PAC isn't about serving South Dakota; it's abotu playing games with all of her new fawning Washington friends.


  1. snapper 2011.03.09

    Josh Shields is a moron. I don't think I've ever talked to a Republican who likes him.

  2. snapper 2011.03.09

    I take that back he isn't a moron because he is textbook smart. But he is one of those guys that graduated highschool, went to DC, worked for a campaign, left the state, came back to work on a campaign and won with Thune, left the state to work in DC, came back to run a campaign - lost, jumped to Noem's campaign won and left the state to work in DC for Noem.

    He hasn't really lived in SD since he graduated highschool and that's the same with Stoick. They leave and then tell congressmen and women who serve how people in SD should live. Basically they are not any different than their opinion of Herseth.

  3. snapper 2011.03.09


    Why aren't the dems in the house proposing cuts to projects in red states like ethanol, farm subsidies etc and bring it forward (I hope it would look someone bi-partisan in cuts but heavy on red states) and listen to the GOP like Kristi Noem wine and scream at the thought of cutting her own government waste.

    Rather than opposing what the GOP is bringing why don't the Dems propose something that the GOP will oppose that is not essential just to point out the hypocrisy of Kristi and Cantor's politics.

    [CAH: Rep. Blumenauer from Oregon tried exactly that last month. I agree: House Dems need to fire up and challenge the majority more.]

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