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Noem Imposting New Vocabulary on Twitter Followers

Congresswoman Kristi Noem isn't content with making up facts; now she's making up words:

@RepKristiNoem: "We must end the de facto moratorium on drilling in the gulf imposted by Obama. This will help with #gasprices"
@RepKristiNoem, March 16, 2011

Fact: requiring oil companies to follow rules isn't a moratorium on drilling any more than requiring you to buy auto insurance is a moratorium on driving. If you can't afford to do business responsibly, you shouldn't be doing business.

Fact: impost is a noun, meaning tax. Perhaps Rep. Noem is implying that federal tax policy is blocking oil drilling... but I think that gives Noem's handlers too much credit. Rep. Noem, you mean imposed. (When only 140 characters are available, every letter matters!)

Kristi, if you think making up new words is the route to success in the next election, you should check your rootin'-tootin'-basketball-shootin' political template's status: for all her refudiatin', Sarah Palin's presidential viability is floating in Buchanan/Sharpton range.

[Note: I imposed on myself Dana Milbank's February moratorium on Sarah Palin mentions. I made it past St. Patrick's Day!]

Update 17:35 CDT: Mr. Crissman thinks I'm deranged and should debate policy. No problem: Congresswoman Noem's borrowing of Palin's drill-baby-drill meme is deranged: drilling in the Gulf won't lower gas prices determined by a global market rife with unrest and burgeoning Asian demand. Oil production on the Outer Continental Shelf increased more than 34% from 2008 to 2010, but gas prices are still high. Increasing Gulf drilling won't put any more fuel in your tank for a decade, and even then, it won't lower your prices. The real way to spend less on gasoline and reduce our dependence on foreign oil: use less oil by "increasing vehicle efficiency, using cleaner fuels and investing in public transit."

Oh, and Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar says two offshore drilling permits were issued in the last two weeks, with more to come in the next few days. What moratorium?

Update 21:53 CDT: David Lias of the Vermillion Plain Talk gets policy arguments all right. He shows Rep. Noem gets the gas price debate all wrong.


  1. Charlie Johnson 2011.03.19

    Maybe "imposted" means placing a post in the ground. Seems to have some connection to drill baby, drill!!

  2. larry kurtz 2011.03.19

    It's likely that Krusti is really a Moratorium Imposted Letter Fumbler tweeting her way to BP Palinhood in a handbasket.

  3. Timothy Fountain 2011.03.19

    Has Lake Herman defrozen yet?

    [CAH: No, but if the water keeps flowing in, it may lift the entire ice sheet send it sliding intact all the way down to Sioux Falls!]

  4. David Newquist 2011.03.19

    The new media has brought with it many new opportunities for typographical errors, especially when trying to hit those dinky device keys with your thumbs while sailing down the highway at 90 or so. Or does she have a driver now? And as graphic communications experts point out that proof reading on screens is difficult because even those most paper-like screens motivate the eyes to move over the characters as quickly as possible. However, what makes "imposting" significant is not merely the misspelling, but the context of the remark in which it occurs.

    As linguists and semanticists point out, a comment must be evaluated in light of its pretext, its text, and its context. Given the fact that Obama is cautiously opening up drilling in the Gulf, one must question what information informs this twitter. As you point out, Cory, after the Gulf negligence spew, the establishment of safety rules is hardly a moratorium, and what prompts the "de facto" modifier? Apparently, an end to a "de facto moratorium" would mean reverting back to the drill-as-you-please-if-you-are-a-corporation mindset. That might help with the gas prices, but would certainly be a boon to the burgeoning profits, aided and abetted by special tax breaks for the oil corporations,

    The text, which invokes Obama is merely a repetition of a talking point that is oblivious to the facts it addresses and to the context in which it is uttered. As we found out during the Noem-Herseth Sandlin debates, Noem is good at reciting non sequiturs in an authoritative manner but has trouble handling real substance. The misplaced "t" is evidence of a careless and underpowered mentality.

    You were featured on the South Dakota Wart Collage today as one of its warts in the form of a Noem hater. If you find error and fault in a conservative utterance you are a hater of the person who uttered it. The rules of rhetoric are really complex these days.

  5. Troy Jones 2011.03.19

    Anyone who thinks this was not an inadvertent typo is a nit wit.

  6. mike 2011.03.19

    Nancy Pelosi Derangement syndrome continues:

    From the Argus:
    Besides, Noem said, she only had to look across the aisle to know she acted properly.
    Citing how the Democratic House leader from California voted on the spending bill, Noem said: "Nancy Pelosi voted against it and I voted for it, so I think I was on the right side of the issue."

    I don't like Nancy Pelosi but for goodness sakes this is old news.

  7. Erin 2011.03.19

    My fellow nit wits,

    I think the errant "t" is an inadvertent slip that adverts to a slovenly mind. And like other nit wits, I read the statement in its context and and am left with a huge WTF????????? moment. This is no thinker.

  8. Stan Gibilisco 2011.03.19

    Cory, we're all entitled to typos. I wonder, though: Does Representative Noem really think that President Obama imposed drilling on the Gulf?

    As for gas prices, we're doggone lucky the stuff doesn't cost us eight bucks a gallon. I recently read that in the UK, truck drivers are paying over two dollars a +liter+.

  9. Stan Gibilisco 2011.03.19

    I had better clarify: $2.22 a liter for for diesel fuel.

  10. Douglas Wiken 2011.03.19

    Noem can see Funk & Wagnall's Company abandoned buildings from her DC balcony.

    Noem will only make the slander of Nancy Pelosi more obvious. Herseth-Sandlin should have brought her into South Dakota. She would have left Noem bruised and bleedidng.

  11. And anyone who misspells "imposed" is an idiot.

    But for real... Lift restrictions on drilling in the gulf? Seriously...

  12. snapper 2011.03.20

    Noem needs to stop listening to Josh Shields. The guy is a DC hack who doesn't care about people in SD.

    We all know Noem voted against the texting ban when she was in the legislature. I would guess because she texts and drives.

    What happens when a kid is hit by a car while it's driver is texting? That would have been a better ad for the DNC to run than one about Noem running stop signs. Kristi has a responsibility to the people of SD and her driving record and ban on anti texting ban is a problem.

  13. snapper 2011.03.20

    I didn't like SHS but I guess at least SHS didn't act so self righteous.

    Noem is whatever she feels she needs to be to get elected. SD was duped.

  14. Roger Elgersma 2011.03.20

    I talked to an oil rig worker on the bus to Houston and he said that BP is no longer drilling in the gulf and everyone else is.

  15. Thad Wasson 2011.03.20

    This is East River dialect, like when the brothers say 'ax' instead of 'ask.'

    [CAH: Careful, Thad, or you may get an akk-sicking. ;-)]

  16. moses 2011.03.20

    Will Kristi havE several town meetingsI want to go there and express my opinion that she votes for the bridge to no where to bring it up for a vote if I am correct.What you say C.H.

  17. Maybe it's true that the oil extracted offshore drilling wouldn't be enough to have a very significant effect--but it really bothers me when people try to argue "well we wouldn't get any oil from it for 20 years, therefore prices now will stay high," because oil prices are determined in large part by speculation. So if the "moratorium" were lifted today, there _would be_ an immediate effect on oil prices--however small--due to the anticipation of increased future oil production.

  18. Donald Pay 2013.06.15

    Hey, I love these "typos." I make a lot of them myself, just because my mind works faster than my fingers. I don't proofread as much on-line as I do when I typed out everything with my old, trusty Brother typerwriter (see what I mean). Shakespeare was great partly because he played with words and phrases. We all have a little Shakespeare in us, even if we don't know it.

  19. Bree S. 2013.06.15

    I don't see the left attacking Thune's intelligence because of minor mistakes and typos. Are the constant gleefully hateful attacks on Noem evidence of "feminist" hypocricy because "liberals" ("repressive Stalinist twits" Paglia would probably term them) hate conservative women in positions of power? Yes.

  20. kurtz 2013.06.15

    it's that danged 'r' after kristi's husband's name, bs.

  21. kurtz 2013.06.15

    KLAN: has a nice ring to it.

  22. Bree S. 2013.06.16

    I'm sure that's what the Democrats who started the Klan thought, Larry.

  23. kurtz 2013.06.16

    KLAN will play hell looking more conservative than Brendan Johnson.

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