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MHS Gym/Renovation Debate: Watch Online Now! Part 2

Here's Part 2 of last night's town hall debate on building a new gym and renovating Madison High School. See all 27 videos on Madville Times YouTube.

7. Patty Sys says she supported the original plan and sees science and other opportunities lacking at MHS:

8. Becky Brown says she doesn't care what campaign tactics are used; if we don't vote for this gym/renovation plan, we're condemning our children to a fiery death. Plus, "nothing is really bigger than basketball"... or graduating in your own gym:

9. John Hess, apparent reader of Kant, says campaign tactics matter:

10. Ashley Kenneth Allen says public education is vital. We struggle to pay our teachers a living wage; a bad building is just one more detriment to maintaining a good staff and a good public education system:

11. Cory Allen Heidelberger (that's me!) waves his arms a lot and talks too fast (that's 95% of the oral interp critiques I got in high school). I also make a few points about practical policy-making and priorities:

12. Henry Kraai says we need more welders:

13. I agree with Henry, talk very quickly about other great things we could prioritize, and wave my arms some more:

Update 22:12 CDT: In the print edition of this MDL story, Chuck Clement claims that I proposed a two-million-dollar plan. No, no, no: listen to the above video, #13. Around 2:30, I walk through a hypothetical situation where we might work through priorities, identify certain items that have to be done right away, pay for what we can with existing funds, and then float a smaller bond issue to cover the rest of those necessities. I cite $2 million as a hypothetical figure to represent the degree of difference from the board's gold-pated $16.98-million plan. What would the actual dollar figure be? I'll have no idea until I've seen that itemized list that I've asked the architect for.


  1. Tim Higgins 2011.03.30

    Interesting points of view, all speakers had something to say. I heard the argument come up again the kids don't even graduate in their own gym. Are you kidding me? Really, this is an argument to spend millions on a gym? I have 4 kids who all graduated from MHS, I asked them if it bothered them they did not graduate in their own gym, they all laughed and could not believe this was a serious question.
    Do high school graduates from Mitchell graduate in the Mitchell High gym? Do any of the Sioux Falls high school students graduate in their own gyms?

  2. caheidelberger Post author | 2011.03.30

    Good point, Tim. My wife graduated from Brookings HS. They went to Frost Arena. She thought that was cool. I can see an appropriate symoblism: as we graduate, we leave the high school and go to a place that stands for our future.

    Mitchell kids get to graduate from the Corn Palace. The Corn Palace?!?! Now that's memorable! Guaranteed lifetime conversation starter!

    I honestly don't care what building my daughter stands in when she graduates. I care that she graduates after enjoying a boatload of academic opportunities, chances to do something, not just sit with a lot of people and watch something.

  3. John Hess 2011.03.30

    Thanks for pointing out Kant (even if he’s way over my head). Here’s the thing: In a community the only thing we have between us is trust, and the reason we must have faith in voting and confidence in leadership. When the school board tries to collect the votes they want in a non-representative way, trust deteriorates. Isn’t that obvious? Without trust, any end result is counterproductive and meaningless.

    Does Cory talk too fast, or do we talk too slow?

  4. Michael Black 2011.03.30

    John, your speaking style was fine. Cory talked as if he was hyped up on too much Mountain Dew.

    {CAH: No chemical influence here, Michael. I always talk that way!}

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