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Lake Herman Over Half Open!

Lake Herman froze over on November 22; 132 days later, northerly gales swept back over half of the rotten ice. Here's the view this morning from my favorite western shore:

North half of Lake Herman open, April 5, 2011
North half of Lake Herman open, April 5, 2011. View west, toward Madison, SD
Coots on newly thawed Lake Herman, April 5, 2011
Coots delight!
Western shore of Lake Herman, still some thaw left, April 5, 2011
Early last week, the water and ice were still above the concrete slabs you see here by the shore. Today I'd say the water is almost two feet lower than it was.

We're a little behind last year, when the lake was mostly open by March 29. Come on, global warming! Sock it to us!