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Lori Stacey Seeking Signers to Restore Constitution Party Status

So this is why Glenn Beck got canceled: his followers all switched off their sets and went out petitioning!

In addition to two referendum drives, there is a third statewide petition drive taking place in South Dakota. The beleaguered Constitution Party is trying to win back its official status as a party.

The CP lost official status last year when it failed to place a candidate for governor on the South Dakota ballot. All they would have needed to nominate a candidate in 2010 was 250 signatures. The CP could only persuade 100-some of its 345 members to sign for a candidate. The Constitutioneers tried suing (because of course they love it when activist judges impose their will over the legislative branch and the Constitution), but to no avail (last the 8th U.S. Circuit upheld their appeal of Judge Roberto Lange's rejection of their whining).

The CP must thus gather 7928 signatures of registered voters to regain its recognition as a party in South Dakota. Now one might think this wouldn't be that hard. CP organizer Lori Stacey started circulating in February. She and her friends have until March 27, 2012, to submit the necessary signatures. That's four times as long as the referral movements have to submit twice as many signatures on their petitions. Stacey herself won nearly 20,000 votes statewide in her campaign for Secretary of State last year. If Stacey and her fellow freedom fighters can find just 30 of those voters a day and get them to sign (that's one complete petition a day), they'll have 8,000 signatures and padding by Christmas.

The problem is, when they have an off day, Stacey and her fellow petitioneers will probably start spinning theories that we're all conspiring to keep them from getting their signatures. Then they'll start threatening to sue people for not signing. Lori, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain; just keep circulating!

So hey, South Dakotans, if you loathe democracy, if you're mad that the government has required you to get a prescription to buy Vitamin C (really?), if you think Wal-Mart is spying on you and America is in its eleventh hour, contact Lori Stacey now!

p.s.: It must grate Lori's cheese that the junk-blog site categorizes her blog under "Republican." Have you considered switching to Blogger, Lori?

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  1. mike 2011.05.09

    I'd help her gather signatures if she promised to run for Congress in 2012,

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