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Kooiker Misaligns Word and Image in “Positive” Campaign Flyer

In effective advertising, word and image work together.

So when you hear the words positive and forward-looking, what images come to mind? Smiles? Happy family? Steady gaze toward a brilliant West River sunrise?

How about...

Sam Kooiker Campaign Flyer, Rapid City, SD, June 2011...a dark room crawling with bugs?

Rapid City candidate for mayor Sam Kooiker rights the graphic ship with the more staid flipside of his campaign flyer:

Sam Kooiker campaign flyer, Rapid City, SD June 2011

...but I'm still trying to brush off the creepy feeling from the first image.

Sam, I know you want voters to feel like reaching for the flyswatter, but that visual device should be front and center, dominating your opening graphic, not off to the (how could you miss this?) far left.


  1. Bill Fleming 2011.06.06

    "Strange, but weird." — Firesign Theatre

  2. mike 2011.06.06

    That is a very poor taste in advertising. I must laugh.

    I think it is good but the messages together don't work at all.

    It makes Kooiker look like a BeetleJuice character.

  3. jana 2011.06.06

    Does one of those bugs really say "Chicago Politics?" OMG...

    I hope someone asks the Hull, IA native from the land of right wing fundamentalist crazy town what he meant by that.

    I think Chicago Politics means getting rid of the opposition do the Dems control Rapid? Hell, do the Dems even have an elected voice in the state? (I know the answer and it's not enough)

    Maybe that's a good question for the reporters in RC to ask..."Councilman, was the reference to Chicago Politics a dog whistle to the Sarah Palin suburb of Crazy Town?" Of course he'll either act like they don't know what they are talking about or he'll say no, either way they will get him on the record.

    On the other hand he might say that in the last election there were some attack ads that weren't exactly fair play, but then I'd ask if two wrongs make a right.

    Could be fun to see some "Big city Chicago Style Politics" in SD. Might actually make the dems feel like they are noticed.

    Oh yeah, is there any chance Rahm would come in and campaign for one of the others? Will he bring pizza?

    Thanks for the entertainment Sam. Now every time I see roaches I'll think of you.

    Sure wish Bill Fleming would weigh in on this one.

  4. TCMack 2011.06.06

    No that is the second mailer I have seen with Chicago style politics on it. A group against Ritchie Nordstrom called his style of politics as Chicago style politics. These messages are using Republican fear words to scare people. Should be interesting tomorrow.

  5. Bill Fleming 2011.06.06


    I'm speechless.

    I sent the picture to Cory to see what he thought of it.

    As an advertising guy, I... well... um... er... like I said, words fail me.

    And as you know, that doesn't happen very often.

  6. Bill Fleming 2011.06.07

    Here's a quick branding test. Look at the graphics above really quickly. About the amount of time it would take for you to notice the piece in your mailbox. Give it maybe 5 or ten seconds. Just a quick scan.

    Now, do a gut check. How does it make you FEEL?

    Not think — feel. In general.

    Before you even get to knowing what the piece is all about and who sent it to you. What emotional context does it establish?

    I get "creepy", "nasty", "gross", "disgusting", "filthy", and "scary."

    Okay, so now I want to know WHY this is in my mailbox, and WHO sent it to me so I read it a little.

    And, with the above emotional vibes still lingering, I read, "There's something you should know about Sam Kooiker."

    Let's just say that if I ever designed a piece for a client of mine, I would expect to be fired... unless of course the assignment was to advertise a horror show.

  7. Bill Fleming 2011.06.07

    Above: "...if I ever designed a piece like THAT..."


    Like I said, this thing pretty much leaves me baffled and tongue tied.

  8. Curtis Price 2011.06.07

    I think its interesting that people don't remember what is was like in Chicago BEFORE organized labor... business, criminals, and the police were all on the same team. Think Al Capone and Boss Tweed. Of course the days of organized labor holding sway there are 20 years gone...

  9. larry kurtz 2011.06.07

    Well, then Pete Fuller was apparently right when he said that the Rapid City Police Department is a bunch of racists. Pretty much sums up Vapid City's history since Art LaCroix.

  10. Bill Fleming 2011.06.07

    That's NOT what Pete Fuller said, Larry.

  11. Bill Fleming 2011.06.07

    His remarks were addressed to a specific group of law enforcement people in his courtroom that day. It was not intended to slight the entire police department.

  12. larry kurtz 2011.06.07

    Thank you. How has Alan improved race relations during his tenure, Bill?

  13. Bill Fleming 2011.06.07

    Larry, while your link's citation is somewhat more accurate than yours as to whom the "racist" accusation was aimed, it is absolutely dead wrong at the end of the article where is says that Fuller broke "other laws."

    He didn't break ANY laws.


    And was never accused of breaking any.

    Pete Fuller is like a brother to me, Kurtz.

    Don't mess around with him unless you really want to piss me off.

  14. larry kurtz 2011.06.07

    I'm not going after Pete; I believe he is dead right. Rapid City is my target.

  15. Bill Fleming 2011.06.07

    Rapid City is my home town, Larry.

    Look man, from now on, you are officially off my Birthday Card list.

  16. larry kurtz 2011.06.07

    The GOP is sweeping South Dakota Dems into the dustbin. I wish Pete would run for office. He has the charisma to salvage the Party.

  17. larry kurtz 2011.06.07

    Bill, please accept my apologies for my assault on Rapid City and on Judge Fuller. My comments were inappropriate.

  18. Bill Fleming 2011.06.07

    Accepted, Larry. Thank you.

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