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Watertown Voters Reject Mixed Martial Arts Events

Madison just gained a competitive advantage over Watertown. Voters in Watertown rejected a city ordinance that would have allowed mixed martial arts events within city limits. The nays beat the ayes in last night's vote 59% to 41%.

Over the objection of our very sensitive local newspaper to such "brutal" and "barbaric" entertainment, the Madison City Commission approved an ordinance allowing folks to enjoy some general ass-kicking with their beer. Strangely, none of the numerous organizations in Madison preaching non-violence organized a petition drive to refer this pro-violence ordinance to a public vote.

Alas, Madison won't be able to cash in on the tyranny of Watertown's voters. Watertownians seeking to Discover the Unexpected Karate Chop in Madison can't get here conveniently by chronically flooded Highway 81.

Plus, SDPB just reported that the organizer of these fights in Watertown says he'll just move his events out of city limits. Hmm... how about a hybrid event: off-road mixed martial arts? Duke it out in a shelterbelt, where fighters can swing from branches... and swing branches! Or head out to the Watertown gravel pit: wrestling around the rock piles and old machinery would give the event a cool post-apocalyptic feel....

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  1. shane gerlach 2011.06.22

    The Casino is outside city limits. The city will still profit some, but not as much as it would have.

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