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Madison Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day Goal: 25,000 Blizzards

Miracle Treat Day is coming up next week on Thursday, August 11. The Madison Dairy Queen is aiming to raise more money through Blizzard sales for the Children's Miracle Network than any other Dairy Queen anywhere. The Madison Dairy Queen has outsold every other DQ on the continent on Miracle Treat Day for five years straight. To stay on top, Madison Dairy Queen owner DeLon Mork has set a goal of selling 25,000 Miracle Treat Day Blizzards.

Now helping families with sick kids is motivation enough to buy up a Blizzard or a book of coupons. Getting ice cream on an August day is... well, just dessert.

But in case any of you need some more motivation, check out DeLon's latest Miracle Treat Day poster and the challenge advertised thereupon:

Madison Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day 2011 Poster -- DeLon and Chuck Jump!
Madison Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day August 11, 2011, Poster -- DeLon and Chuck Jump!

DeLon Mork is telling his staff and his customers that if the Madison Dairy Queen can make the 25,000-Blizzard sales goal on August 11, he'll jump out of an airplane. And Madison Police Chief Chuck Pulford will jump with him.

Now tell me: when's the last time you got to tell your local police chief to take a flying leap?

Remember: Miracle Treat Day isn't about these guys; it's about the kids they're helping. But if DeLon and Chuck are willing to go skydiving to help more kids... well, hand me my spoon! Of course, I can imagine some concerned citizens saying to DeLon and Chuck, "Are you nuts? I'll buy an extra Blizzard if it will stop you from jumping!"

That said, permit me to step away from local boosterism and offer some marketing kudos. This MTD ad is the funniest effective ad I've seen in Madison all year. Let's zoom in on that upper corner:

DeLon Mork and Chuck Pulford -- skydive ad detailDeLon looks cool, but the image of Chief Pulford hanging loose in that green jumpsuit could double sales all by itself. Including Chief Pulford's hat is a brilliant touch. Well done, designers!