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Pierre Raises Taxes on New Teachers

Cue the Dragnet theme:

Cory Allen Heidelberger shows the fingerprints and $43.25 he has to submit for his criminal background check to become a teacher in South Dakota.
C.A. Heidelberger, professeur de français... ou hooligan?

Have you seen this man? The state Division of Criminal Investigation soon will.

I have happily gained employment as the new French teacher at Spearfish High School. However, gaining this employment requires that I submit fingerprints and pay Pierre $43.25 for a criminal background check.

Teachers didn't use to have to pay for this check; schools just picked up the cost as a regular part of doing business and making sure we aren't hiring members of SPECTRE to teach our children. When the nice people in the business office said I had to pay my own money to prove my innocence, I was briefly surprised.

But then I remembered: Russ Olson changed that for me during this year's legislative session. Despite his certainty that schools are filled with waste and overregulation, he couldn't think of any really big cost savings for the schools. Instead, his House Bill 1208 nibbled around the fiscal edges and shifted costs from the state to individuals.

Russ Olson said he wouldn't raise taxes, but he just raised my payments to government by $43.25. Typical Olson thinking: don't take a cut from the big-money voters, but whack teacher pay and charge them extra before they conjugate a single verb.

Fear not, gentle readers: I do not anticipate this new job creating major blog changes. Kristi Noem is still my Congresswoman, and someone's got to give her guff. But permit me to note the irony of finding myself working for... SHS.

Update 08:59 CDT: I can guarantee DCI won't turn up any DUIs on my record... unlike the school superintendent at Wessington Springs, who just got his fifth.


  1. LK 2011.08.10


    I assume that December 14 lesson plans will include the storming of city hall or a road trip to storm some government office. If one can do Christmas in July; one should be able to do Bastille Day in December.

  2. caheidelberger Post author | 2011.08.10

    Bonne idée! Add that to the lesson plan list!

  3. shane gerlach 2011.08.10

    Are you moving the whole family Corey or will you be a weekender on the Lake and a during the week guy in Spearfish?
    Will this become the "Spearville Times"?
    Shall I call ahead and warn friends in the area of a mad man bicycling through their fields?

    I am so happy for you my friend!!!

  4. John Hess 2011.08.10

    Even with a hybrid it's a pretty long commute (considering your advancing years). Chalk one up for Shearfish!

  5. Steven Kant 2011.08.10

    Good luck in your new position. Does this leave the Sanitary District with no members and the LAIC to give a sigh of relief?

  6. caheidelberger Post author | 2011.08.10

    Thanks, Steve! If I can provide the best coverage in South Dakota of the Veblen dairy bankruptcy and environmental violations, I can keep up the only coverage of the LAIC's lack of results and accountability. The LAIC can never breathe a sigh of relief until thye open their books and engage all willing citizens in real conversation and economic development.

    As for the Sanitary District... I have a call in to the lawyer!

  7. Darwin 2011.08.10

    Bike trail from here to there?

  8. kwn 2011.08.10

    Congrats on the new job! I love the Spearfish area!!

  9. caheidelberger Post author | 2011.08.10

    If only! But traffic is light enough on Highway 34 that it would do for a bike trail... if we just rub out the rumble strips and put a few more rest stops between Pierre and Union Center!

  10. Donald Pay 2011.08.10

    Spearfish is a great place. It has great arts festivals and events. I would like to see the Hills area provide more support for high school forensics. Are you going to be involved?

    [CAH: Extracurriculars remain to be assigned! But yes, everybody could use more forensics. :-)]

  11. Stan Gibilisco 2011.08.11

    Welcome to Paha Sapa!

    [CAH: Thanks, Stan! Maybe we'll get down the road and see you during the Festival of Books!]

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