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Wise Leadership from Kristi Noem… Toward Government Subsidized Ethanol

Last updated on 2011.11.27

You just can't string some words together in good conscience:

We are grateful for the leadership and wisdom of Rep. Noem.

Wipe up the milk you just laughed out your nose.

Now, look at the above comment from Tom Buis, CEO of Poet/Broin Ethanol's lobbying group Growth Energy (which promotes "America's Peace Fuel"!), which presented Congresswoman Kristi Noem with an award for promoting ethanol.

Leadership? That suggests Noem has led us toward something. She hasn't led us anywhere. She follows the lead of Speaker Boehner and her GOP bosses.

Wisdom? That suggests a deep understanding well beyond Noem's platitudes.

And an award for promoting ethanol? In what concrete ways has Rep. Noem improved the market or popular support for ethanol compared to specific policies that other South Dakota politicians have implemented? Note that the Congresswoman's own press release fails to enumerate any specific accomplishments. Ever the beauty queen, Noem just smiles and waves and says fluff.

By the way, how does a conservative Republican consistently celebrate promoting a government-subsidized fuel? So much for being queen of the Tea Party....

Somewhat related: In yesterday's failed budget vote, Kristi Noem was not among the 48 conservative Republicans who bolted from the party line and challenged Speaker Boehner's continuing funding measure. Tea Party, have you figured out yet that Kristi isn't your gal?


  1. lrads1 2011.09.22

    Let's hope for both their sakes that this exchange was conducted purely by press release, and that they didn't have to look each other in the eye during it. Do you suppose they could convince each other of how "sincere" Tom was in his accolades delivered on behalf of his current client? He's the former national president of Farmers Union, which couldn't be more diametrically opposed in position to most of what Kristi's team stands for, other than support of the current federal crop insurance subsidy. Ah the life of a Washington pol. Give me small town SD any day.

  2. Steve Sibson 2011.09.22

    "Tea Party, have you figured out yet that Kristi isn’t your gal?"

    Yes, I have you figured out that she "is" your gal, as she promotes "renewable energy" through big government?

  3. Michael Black 2011.09.22

    Expect another government shutdown because Congress can't approve a budget.

  4. caheidelberger Post author | 2011.09.22

    No, Steve, reality check: Kristi Noem is not my gal. Even if she supports things I support, she's doing so for the wrong reasons.

  5. caheidelberger Post author | 2011.09.22

    And Mike, we've played that chicken. As expected, everyone blinked. The radicals had their best chance to wreak that chaos in August. The GOP leadership won't let them do that again. They'll deal with the Dems, marginalize the radicals, and avoid another credit rating downgrade or repeat circus on that issue, because they know that issue wasn't winning for them.

  6. Michael Black 2011.09.22

    After tomorrow, the House is not scheduled to be back in session until October 3rd. The money runs out September 30th at the end of the fiscal year.

    When will they vote again?

  7. Michael Black 2011.09.22

    If he gets it past the House it will fail in the Senate.

    Stupid politicians are going to destroy the economy. If they'd pass a budget in the first place we wouldn't have to deal with the threat of gov't shutdown that is bad for business and consumer confidence.

    Have you ever thought that maybe they want deadlock to benefit those who would bet against the market?

  8. caheidelberger Post author | 2011.09.23

    I have certainly thought that there are some Glenn Beck types who would welcome a market crash a a way to drive up gold prices. But it is more clear that there are certain radicals who believe crashing the economy would create a crisis of which they can take political advantage. Such radicals claim to be conservatives, but they aren't doing a terribly good job of conserving the nation's resources.

    Kristi Noem, however, has no such ideas. Nor is she showing any leadership or wisdom in countering such bad ideas. Her ambitions are focused on climbing the Washington ladder, which means she follows the leader, does what she's told, and offers no new policies of her own.

  9. Michael Black 2011.09.23

    It passed the House...From KELO
    "But the vote early Friday sets up a battle with the Democratic-controlled Senate, whose leader promises to kill the measure because of Republican cuts to clean energy programs. The
    cuts include a program that helps automobile manufacturers retool factories to make fuel-efficient cars."

  10. Steve Sibson 2011.09.23

    "I have certainly thought that there are some Glenn Beck types who would welcome a market crash a a way to drive up gold prices."

    The market has dropped 6% in the last two days and gold prices also dropped about the same percentage. Your theory is wrong. Again, look for the GOP to be your best friend Cory. The GOP is certainly not friends to what you call the Glenn Beck types.

    The anti-capitalist Democratic left would be the ones most likely to favor of a market crash. But your fear is that would cause crony green capitalist Obama to lose in 2012. Your only concern is "D" for Democrat, not what is best for the people.

  11. Michael Black 2011.09.24

    Cory, I sure hope you are right about this and I am wrong but again we have a showdown coming where the struggle to be "right" will cost far more in lost jobs, economic activity and taxes than will be saved in cuts to spending.

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