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Hanson County Citizens Oppose 7000-Head CAFO

Last updated on 2011.12.29

Lake County residents don't cotton to my criticism very well, but many of them seem willing to acquiesce to the unhealthy environmental and economic practices of Rick Millner as he seeks to expand the Ramona dairy his pals acquired for him.

Hanson County residents seem less inclined to take crap from big CAFOs.

Anti-CAFO ad from Concerned Citizens of Hanson County

According to the Facebook page for "SAVE Hanson County SD," 319 people had signed up by mid-September to express their opposition to the 7000-head concentrated animal feeding operation that Michael Crinion wants to build four miles northeast of Fulton. Crinion received verbal approval of his water permit from the state Water Management Board; now formal approval after an October 5 meeting in Pierre is the only thing standing between Hanson County and a new surge of cow poop.