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Masons Infiltrate South Dakota Education!

Steve Sibson all too often clutters my comment section with crackpottery about the vast Masonic conspiracy to rule the world. Much to the chagrin of other commenters who I think might enjoy a discussion of the real issues facing our state, Sibby posits that any policy conversation that doesn't address the Masons is irrelevant. Thus:

But this morning, I must pass Sibby the sausage: he's right! The Masons run everything! Check out the agenda for the South Dakota Board of Regents meeting happening right now in Rapid City. Click on the Report of the Executive Director and scroll down to page 4, under "Reduced Tuition Externally Sponsored Courses." You'll see this:

Aaaaaaaaahhh! The South Dakota Masons sponsored a course under the Board of Regents! The Masons have taken over our public university system! And it's a teacher training course! They've taken over our public K-12 system as well! Sibby was right!!!

Also on the list of externally sponsored courses are three upper-level USD courses—Printmaking, Graphic Design, and Artist's Books—sponsored by Frogman's Print and Press of Beresford. I assume the Menards have thus established three times as much influence over our education system as Sibby's bogeyman Masons.


  1. Steve Sibson 2011.12.15

    Cory, good that my work has brought awareness.

  2. Charlie Hoffman 2011.12.15

    I am laughing so hard I can hardly type..............

  3. larry kurtz 2011.12.16

    Mr. Hoffman: your intolerance of Mr. Sibson's beliefs is indicative of red state collapse. May your own saviour be ridiculed, tortured, and be put to death!

  4. Charlie Hoffman 2011.12.16

    LK if I had not joined the Masons back in 1985 knowing now full well what honorable degrees of service all of us have furthered out onto our communities, families, and friends because of what free masonry teaches this would not seem so weird. However if he starts after the Moonies I'm with him. :)

  5. larry kurtz 2011.12.16

    Let me guess: you Illuminati support Jeb Bush for President, don't you? And all those other GOP candidates are just fodder for your New Age Theocracy and the New World Order...except for Michele Bachmann, who's just merely insane, right?

  6. larry kurtz 2011.12.16

    What have the Masons done to stem the seizure of Native children from their parents by a state that receives 1.59 from the Feds for every dollar it sends to DC?

  7. larry kurtz 2011.12.16

    What have the Masons done to end Monsanto's poisoning of wetlands leading to unprecedented cancer rates?

  8. larry kurtz 2011.12.16

    How much have you given to the Governor's Club, Mr. Hoffman?

  9. caheidelberger Post author | 2011.12.16

    If I come home and find you guys have done nothing but talk about Masons all day, I'm going to be cranky.

  10. Steve Sibson 2011.12.16

    Bill, please tell Cory not to be so paranoid about discussing Freemasonry and its historic roles.

  11. larry kurtz 2011.12.16

    Bill asked for this thread, Cory.

  12. Bill Fleming 2011.12.16

    Cory: Okay you kids, don't make me stop this car.
    Sibby: It's Larry's fault!
    Larry: Huh-uh, it's Bill's idea!
    SFX: *Brakes squealing* *Suspense music up*

    Cut to commercial.

  13. Bill Fleming 2011.12.16

    Fast forward TIVO to between commercial teaser:

    Larry in back seat whispers to Sibby: "Charlie just said he was a Mason."

    *sfx: jaws cello music*

    XCU on Sibby's face eyes and mouth wide open, whole body trembling.

    Cut back to commercial stream...

  14. larry kurtz 2011.12.16

    I want to hear Steve talk about how the Catholic Church stole the narrative and became a cult.

  15. Steve Sibson 2011.12.16

    Bill, back to reality. larry, have you taken Bill for help yet?

  16. Bill Fleming 2011.12.16

    Reality Sibby? Bwahahahahah!

  17. Steve Sibson 2011.12.16

    Bill, thanks for proving my point. larry, hurry up! Now he has gone delirious.

  18. larry kurtz 2011.12.16

    Steve, Cory has provided a platform for us to come together to make clearer voting choices. We all bear crosses and wipe redeemer complexes on our sleeves here.

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend, Steve; help us wipe the smirks from the glutei of the SDGOP.

  19. Steve Sibson 2011.12.16

    larry, once we understand that those of us who are fighting for the little guy should stop listening to the leaderships of both parties, them maybe we can wipe off smirks.

  20. larry kurtz 2011.12.16

    Could you describe how you feel about corporate personhood, Steve?

  21. Steve Sibson 2011.12.16

    I believe the unborn are persons, not corporations.

    [CAH: I agree that the unborn are not corporations.]

  22. larry kurtz 2011.12.16

    So, whatever it takes to advance personhood for all preborn drives your political agenda, Steve?

  23. Steve Sibson 2011.12.16

    It is one thing that drives my political agenda.

  24. Steve Sibson 2011.12.16


    Your title may be off just a little. Freemasonry advances its agenda through the New Age Theocracy, so "New Age infiltrates South daktoa Education woudl be more accurate. Here is a source for that argument:

    "Lawyer-turned-advocate Constance Cumbey wrote an astonishing and accurate book called, “The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow.” She exposed the powerful and committed agenda of the New Age, which was - and is - the heart and core of the coming one world religion that the antichrist will lead. The book exposed the New Age's gradual infiltration of the media, politics, education, and especially the church."

    That is why we also have to be careful with religions.

  25. larry kurtz 2011.12.16

    How have the Masons affected laws that seek to incrementalize of what you see as the rights of the preborn, Steve?

  26. Charlie Hoffman 2011.12.16

    Larry to answer your question on giving to the Governor's club; not enough!

  27. Steve Sibson 2011.12.16

    larry, FDR, a Freemason, stacked the Supreme Court with Freemasons. That lead to the anti-Christian laws that the Freemasons sought from the beginning.

  28. larry kurtz 2011.12.16

    How has the Catholic Church been beneficiaries of a Freemason dominated court?

  29. Steve Sibson 2011.12.16

    I don't know larry.

  30. larry kurtz 2011.12.16

    Are those actions by FDR how US courts ignored the sins of the world's richest religions because Freemasons engineered the constitution to separate church from religion to commandeer the masses into serfdom, Steve?

  31. Steve Sibson 2011.12.16

    larry, Freemasonry separated church and state to attack the Pope being in bed with Kings. Freemasons claim that they are not a religion. so it is OK for them to be part of the government. They are a religion, it just so happens to be Satanic. Of course for Freemason, what is right and wrong does not matter. What matters is whether or not you are a member of the lodge.

  32. Steve Sibson 2011.12.16


    I did not make up the point that Masons were involved with the writing the the King James Bible. I was Manly P. Hall, from a lecture, Rosicrucian and Masonic Origins 1929.

    And I did not make up the Masonic ties to the Enlightenment. It was the American Athiests. Are you a member?

    Why are you all paranoid about including secret societies in discussions about history and politics?

    [CAH: I'm not paranoid, just wholly uninterested.]

  33. larry kurtz 2011.12.16

    Thank you for ignoring my typo, Steve: church from state rather. Satanic bastards.

  34. larry kurtz 2011.12.16

    How is the destruction of the sovereign citizen contrary to the teachings of Jesus, Steve?

  35. Steve Sibson 2011.12.16

    Jesus taught God the Father was sovereign, I don't remember Him saying the citizens were.

  36. larry kurtz 2011.12.16

    Which institutions in the US remained uncorrupted by the influence of the Masons, Steve?

  37. Steve Sibson 2011.12.16

    "Which institutions in the US remained uncorrupted by the influence of the Masons, Steve?"

    Because of their secrecy, it is hard to say.

  38. larry kurtz 2011.12.16

    Hard, but not impossible: give it a try?

  39. Steve Sibson 2011.12.16

    Because of theior secrecy we can't be sure that any are not infiltrated. First we need awareness. My experience here shows that the idea of awareness is a huge challenge. No one knew that this web site was infiltrated until Charlie spoke up.

    [CAH: We can't be sure how many of you are Martians. Ergo, you must all be Martians.]

  40. Bill Fleming 2011.12.16

    Larry, my favorite part of the Bible is where Jesus gives money to the rich, tells all the poor people to just suck it up, and asks Caeser to show us his college grades and his birth certificate.

    Maybe that's the part Sibby thinks the New Age Shirley Templetons rewrote but I'm thinking it's been a little more recently than that.

  41. Steve Sibson 2011.12.16

    larry, have you got help for Bill yet? Jesus said to make the rich give their money to Ceasar so he can care for the poor. That way you don't have to give a hoot about your neighbors.

  42. larry kurtz 2011.12.16

    You lost me in the ambiguous antecedents, Steve.

    Are you saying that institutions that follow Jesus should be the lone social safety net or that Caesar should be? Sounds like the Satanic LDS and Roman Catholic Churches to me...or the Masons for that matter.

  43. Steve Sibson 2011.12.16

    larry, I was making a joke. We should take care of the poor, not set back and expect the government to be Robin Hood.

  44. larry kurtz 2011.12.16

    We, who? Which institution is not corrupted?

  45. larry kurtz 2011.12.16

    Did Bill waste his money sending money to CASA, an institution corrupted by the New Age Theocracy?

  46. larry kurtz 2011.12.16

    Steve, I want to invade Vatican City and arrest everyone with vestments on. Help me?

  47. larry kurtz 2011.12.16

    Bring on the Beast, right, Steve?

  48. larry kurtz 2011.12.16

    South Dakota is screwed, Steve.

  49. Steve Sibson 2011.12.16

    "Frank Farrar - Governor" a mason!

    larry, that is news for me. Have him on my rador during the Nixon era setting up 6 "Planning" Districts in South Dakota. We are talking New World Order here. I ran accross that researching the workforce summitt with the Governor at MTI last month. Thanks for the link Larry!!

  50. larry kurtz 2011.12.16

    isn't this where Cory erased our whole thread, Steve? Satanic bastard.

    [CAH: "Daddy grips the wheel and stares alone into the distance / He knows that something somewhere has to break."]

  51. wyatt 2013.12.12

    wife wants to know why there are no women allowed in masons?

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