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Dems, Meet Santa: Gordon Howie E-mailing for Campaign Dollars

Gordon Howie may not know how to format his online work (Gord, use bold or italics for emphasis; save the underlining for hyperlinks), but he's working the Web to solicit donations for a right-wing insurgency in 2012. Yesterday I noted his bogus-poll-backed blog pitch for contributions to "conservative Christian" candidates. Today I obtain the following e-mail blasted out from Howie's media Potemkin village to potential conservatives, courtesy of one of my readers:

House Majority leader, Speaker of the House, Assistant Majority leader and Executive Board chairman all facing serious allegations.

Representatives David Lust, Val Rausch, Justin Cronin and Chuck Turbiville have yet to deal with serious allegations.

See the complete Life and Liberty Media Report

You can help expose misconduct and abuse of power. We urgently need your support!

Every dollar you send to the Life & Liberty Group will help make it possible for us to change politics as usual in South Dakota.

Please help today! Make your most generous donation of $10, $15, $20 or more to give the Life & Liberty Group the ability to stop Chicago-style politics in South Dakota.

Thank you for your help!

Gordon Howie, CEO
Life and Liberty Group, LLC.

I find it amusing that the URL of the e-mail marketing service Howie is using to send and track responses to his campaign solicitations starts with the letters "B.S." and has a main domain of "shsend"... as in "SHS-end". Howie is certainly full of B.S., and a right-wing theocrats' insurgency could weaken the Republican Party enough in 2012 to throw the door wide open for Stephanie Herseth Sandlin to step back onto the stage and return to Congress.

Howie sounds like he's more interested in reclaiming his seat in Pierre than challenging Kristi Noem for a seat in Washington, but it's clear he plans to back candidates challenging the GOP establishment.

I lack confidence in Howie's ability to catch fire with a plurality of the South Dakota electorate. But if unconnected wingnut Lori Stacey can draw 6% in a general election, slightly better-networked Howie can shout "Chicago politics!" and "Jesus!" and pull twice that. If Howie recruits people to run Independent in the general election, he opens the door for Democrats to consolidate their backers and take more seats in the general election. Even if Howie just backs insurgents in primaries against GOP incumbents, he drains the incumbents' campaign coffers and maybe even replaces a few with wingnuts who either Christine-O'Donnell themselves before rational Dem opponents or who win, go to Pierre, and become Nelson-Hubbel thorns in the GOP leadership's side.

Keep it up, Gordon! So far, I see your entry into the 2012 race as an unmitigated good... for Democrats!


  1. Steve Sibson 2011.12.19

    "Howie is certainly full of B.S., and a right-wing theocrats’ insurgency:

    Conspiracy theory, Cory you are being paranoid...right BIll?

  2. Jana 2011.12.19

    Saying the sun rises in the east is not a conspiracy theory.

    [CAH: Ditto, Jana! I'm saying exactly what Gordon is doing. It's not a conspiracy: it's a publicly declared campaign.]

  3. Steve Sibson 2011.12.19

    Jana, not surprised to see you bring forward the pagan sun worship.

  4. larry kurtz 2011.12.19

    Steve, I'm not surprised you're not surprised...happy solstice. My new year will be here faster than your new year.

    Gordy makes you and ip look sane.

  5. larry kurtz 2011.12.19

    Seinfeld has always been lost on me, LK. Funny, tho.

    The Gregorian calendar is a product of a matricidal cult threatened by the power of women's 13 moons that created a wasteland of pedophilia, global conquest, and slavery.

    Hoka hey!

  6. Jana 2011.12.19

    Gordon Howie, nationally syndicated author and CEO of Life and Liberty Media is back at it and following through with his master plan in a new post on the humorously titled Right Side Blog.

    Good for him. If he and Stace and the rest have any commitment to freedom, liberty, patriotism and Christianity they will primary all of the phony Republicans and retake the party back to it's founding roots...well at least the version they use.

    Just hope he knows that he also needs to go after the toadies of the RHINOs in the other statewide elected offices. Put these people on the record if they are for the non-Christian RHINOs or with him and Stace. Make them choose, and if they choose unpatriotically, primary them too. The purge must be complete!

    Heck, Senator Thune has pledged his allegiance to the soft on immigration Obamacare pioneer Mitt Romney. Kristi has gone out of her way to distance herself from the Tea Party patriots who got her elected, not to mention, sides with Nancy Pelosi on ag subsidies.

    I'm sure he won't compromise his principals and this will be an almost total purge of the party. The good news is that he will be able to get even more support from the John Birch Society.

    Thanks and good luck Gordie and Stace! In the words of that great philosopher Sean guys are great Americans.

  7. Steve Sibson 2011.12.19

    So Jana how does that hat feel now that you are wearing it?

  8. Steve Sibson 2011.12.19

    So Jana, is it a Christian conspiracy or a John Birch conspiracy? Don't forget to put on that hat first before deciding.

  9. Jana 2011.12.19

    Did you get yours from the sarcasm store too?

    And yes Sibby, I know that some say it's a lower form of irony...guilty as charged.

  10. Jana 2011.12.19

    Sibby, you ask if it's Christianity or John Birch Society. Help me out a little bit on the JBS in South Dakota so I can better answer your question.

  11. Steve Sibson 2011.12.19

    You keep bringing up JBS, so why are you asking me?

  12. Bill Fleming 2011.12.19

    Jana, recent notes from Sibby have reveald that the JBS is also part of the Masonic demonic Knights Templeton plot, so Sib's relationship with them is only temporary... kind of an expediency thing.

    They have the money, and Sibby has the time.

    He'll be throwing them under the bus before too long. Stace too, no doubt.

    I think the Sibmeister is shooting for a party of one.

    That way he'll maximize his persecution complex credits and basically have heaven all to himself when the time comes.

    Just him and the Old Man and JC hangin' out with Big Bird and Michael, Gabriel and Raphael singin' glory hallelujah.

    (Sib's probably gonna be doin' do the guitar chores. Or maybe even take up the harp.)

  13. Steve Sibson 2011.12.19

    So Bill, I thought you were totally confused about my political position. Now all of a sudden, you are the expert. So what is my current relationship with JBS?

    So what is the monistic-we-all-must-unit champion going to do about the the exclusivity of Jesus Christ folks? Other than "ridicule" as you put it.

  14. Jana 2011.12.19

    Sibby, it just seemed a natural that you would know about a political fringe group. You seem to have a good working knowledge of everything from the Kinghts of Templar to the He Man Woman Haters Club in the Little Rascals.

    Seriously though, I give you credit for searching these things out.

  15. Steve Sibson 2011.12.19

    Thanks Jana, check out the Free Republic link I just put up.

  16. Steve Sibson 2011.12.19

    "I think the Sibmeister is shooting for a party of one."

    Bill, is that your issue, afraid of being alone?

  17. larry kurtz 2011.12.19

    Ye, verily, Mr. Sibson. Hey, I'll do my part to get Ron Paul nominated for you guys and you can drive your snow plow right through the guts of the SDGOP, my brother.

  18. Bill Fleming 2011.12.19

    Steve, it's your belief system, not mine. I'm not afraid of stuff. That's your trip.

  19. Steve Sibson 2011.12.19

    "I’m not afraid of stuff."

    Bill, you are afraid of Christians, of being alone, and of reality.

  20. larry kurtz 2011.12.19

    You would be wise to be afraid of those things, too, Brother Steve.

  21. Bill Fleming 2011.12.19

    Sorry Stevie, I think you're projecting again. Forget to take your meds?

  22. Bill Fleming 2011.12.19

    Fear and loathing is Sibby's whole deal, iP.
    Without those drivers, there's nothing there.

  23. Steve Sibson 2011.12.19

    larry, the reality is one day we will leave this world alone to face Christ.

  24. Steve Sibson 2011.12.19

    Bill, you have been doing a great job of proving my points...Thanks!

  25. Bill Fleming 2011.12.19

    "We have noticed an uptick in visits and donations today likely as a result of your efforts on our behalf, bless your hearts." — ER

    Hey cool. That must mean more people read your blog than theirs, Cory. Sweeeeet. Of course that could just mean that their first promise of a little check came pouring in whereas before people were staying away in droves. No sense getting too excited about it until they publish their data. It will be fun to read who their donors are, don't you think?

  26. LK 2011.12.19

    "Hey cool. That must mean more people read your blog than theirs, Cory. Sweeeeet."

    Alexa ranks

    Right Side SD Alexa Traffic Rank: 10,949,998 No regional data .
    Life and Liberty Alexa Traffic Rank: 23,686,763 No regional data .
    Madvilletimes Alexa Traffic Rank: 1,170,824 Traffic Rank in US: 249,354 .

    I think it's clear that Howie et al need all the help they can get. Their hyperbolic cut and paste posts apparently don't generate a lot of traffic.

  27. larry kurtz 2011.12.19

    Beautiful piece of prose, Steve; already been there and back. It's 4:20, join me in a prayer to the Most High.

  28. caheidelberger Post author | 2011.12.19

    Ed's claim of increased traffic and donations is about as believable as Gordon's claim that he conducted a poll.

  29. Bill Fleming 2011.12.19

    Pretty nifty, LK.

    And here's South Dakota War College:
    Global: 2,883,259 US: 435,958

    By the Alexa measure, Cory's smokin' 'em all. SDWC by a ratio about of two to one and the two wing-nut sites 10 and 20 to one respectively. Not even a contest. Interesting. Thanks. Hadn't looked at those for a while.

    Of course, RCJ's Mt. Blogmore's still the king of the mountain with:
    68,231 Global and 14,003 in the US. (Of course, they do have a newspaper attached to it.)

    p.s. Hey IP, just FYI, here's your numbers, bro.
    Global: 16,985,274. No regional data.

  30. Bill Fleming 2011.12.19

    Yeah, iP, you blew past Sibby and Life & Liberty without breaking a sweat. Good job, homeboy.

  31. Bill Fleming 2011.12.19

    Bob has a national following, iP.
    A "special interest group" (so to speak).
    He made his bones the hard way, if you know what I mean.

  32. Bill Fleming 2011.12.19

    ...did you check out the "reputation" scores?

  33. Bill Fleming 2011.12.19

    ...also check it that PP gave himself a 5 star rating. Excellent!

  34. mike 2011.12.19

    If a third party Tea Partier ran against Noem and Varilek that would likely cut into Noem's victory or else cost her the election.

    Tea Partiers should learn that Noem does not respect them. The only way you get respect in politics is if you make someone respect you. Both Dems and Repubs respect and fear the 3rd party.

  35. Jana 2011.12.20

    Mike, I think what both parties fear more is that the uninformed voters that they pander to so well could be swayed by a loud and pretty new face.

    Think about this, Newt Gingrich is grabbing the love and adoration of the Tea Party based on his combative style and if they were to look at his track record they would run away. But when he says as President he would arrest activist judges they are willing to look away from the substance of his history.

    If he were to run as a Democrat he could reference his ability to manipulate Congress and his early thought leadership on health care reform that has largely become the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare for the lazy.) Or he could direct them to his early championing of cap and trade and sitting on a couch with Nancy Pelosi championing the danger of anthro global warming. The uninformed would follow as long as he quoted some arcane historian that agreed with his position and no one would ever fact check.

    It's not the 3rd party they fear. It's the non thinking voters they seduce, and could just as easily lose, that they fear.

    Think about it...we are the most powerful economic and military country in the world. We have the broadest range of educational and social opportunities. Yet we elect our leaders based on anonymous donations and political thought that's only requirement is that it fits on a bumper sticker.

    With that said, I've got to get back to my "Keep the Government out of my Medicare" protest sign.

  36. troy jones 2011.12.20


    Well, I am on my way to the "RINO" meeting at Perkins. We meet after the bars close because sunlight melts us.

  37. caheidelberger Post author | 2011.12.20

    Troy, order me some pancakes and an omelette!

    I share Jana's fear of uninformed voters and politicians like Bachmann, Perry, Cain, and Gingrich who built their surges on those uninformed voters. I wonder: could we find a longitudinal poll that could tell us how many voters in the GOP have stuck with one candidate through the process, how many have changed once, and how many have ridden every surge with the flavor of the month? I speculate that each surge has consisted of the same disaffected voters who just know they don't want Romney, don't want sane, sober, competent government, but instead want some fantasy of government that sounds like the circus they hear on Fox News and talk radio.

    But Mike, even with that peril of uninformed voters, I embrace a third party like Howie's insurgency that would try to mobilize them at the expense of the GOP establishment. We Dems can beat them. We can take advantage of their lunacy and gain power. Let Gordon run. Let him show the public what a nut he and his ilk are. Let him supply me with non-stop blog fodder.

  38. Steve Sibson 2011.12.20

    Speaking of uninformed voters, there are plenty who believe that the monopoly capitalists can be controlled by a government that is controlled by monopoly capitalists.

  39. troy jones 2011.12.20


    I disagree that changing minds is primarily within the uninformed voters. I myself have vacillated between Mitt, Newt, Herman, & Tim plus a short interest in Jon and Rick as I weigh the relative strengths and focus of the candidates.

    In fact, I think the vacillation is an indication of being informed, watching what is said, and moving along a continuum, knowing decision day was in the future. There is a saying in business: "Keep an open mind, absorb information, brainstorm until it is time to decide. Then decide and never look back." Voters do it too. And, it is rationale.

  40. larry kurtz 2011.12.20

    Troy, you appear to be headed to Ron as he is absent in your list. Yes?

  41. troy jones 2011.12.20


    I agree with alot of Paul's stands and priorities (not all). However, my first test for President/Governor is "can they run the government." He fails this miserably (in fact, it is why I never thought Obama would get the Dem. nomination, a lack of management skills that has been highly costly to him. Incidentally, I think Reagan's management skills were grossly under-appreciated).

    I have narrowed my list to two (Mitt and Newt) and, if the election were today, I'd vote Romney principally because I think he would be by far the best "manager" which as Mickelson used to say is 90% of being Governor.

  42. LK 2011.12.20

    I tend to agree with Troy about vacillation being a sign of people being informed or at least seeking information.

    When it comes to uninformed voters, I am frightened by studies like this one that trumpet ignorance as being a necessary element of democracy.

  43. larry kurtz 2011.12.20

    Troy, how do feel about Gordon Howie using his office for self-aggrandizement in the name of your savior?

  44. Bill Fleming 2011.12.20

    Brr... LK, that makes me shudder.

    Especially in light of hearing how North Korea has equipped its totalitarian government Orwell 1984 style, complete with a set of government speakers in every persons home and a million man standing army.

    Hard not to think "Dear Leader" is the best thing since kimchi in every N. Korean neighborhood, given their systematic program of State-sponsored public ignorance.

  45. Bill Fleming 2011.12.20

    p.s. Speaking of a systematic program of sponsored public ignorance... Fox News, and Rush Limbaugh, anyone?

  46. caheidelberger Post author | 2011.12.20

    Troy, I take your point. It does take a certain intellectual curiosity and confidence to be open to new information and to change your mind, especially to do so publicly.

    However (and I know I'm positing unknowables), I would be interested to see a poll that breaks down respondents by "engagement"—i.e., how closely they've been following the race... not to mention where they get their information from. That, of course, would be a complicated poll to take.

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