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SD Dems Raise More Per Voter Than SD GOP

The increasingly childish and still shyly pseudonymous Dakota War College touts an announcement from South Dakota Republican Party Chairman Tim Rave that the SDGOP is in better financial shape than the South Dakota Democratic Party... which news every South Dakotan rolls his or her eyes and sighs, "Dog bites man." Is it any surprise that Democrats in a state controlled by Republicans aren't raising as much money as the majority party?

The real news is that under the "leadership" of Tim Rave and rookie party exec Tony Post, the SDGOP is underperforming the Dems. Check it out:

Registered Members $ raised 2011 $/member
GOP 233,224 $393,764.18 $1.69
Dems 186,693 $322,017.13 $1.72

At a distinct disadvantage in registered members, Chairman Nesselhuf has raised slightly more money per registered party voter than Chairman Rave. If I were a committed South Dakota Republican, I'd have a word with Rave and Post about why we were letting those dastardly disorganized downtrodden Dems out-perform us on any metric.

But I'm sure I'm just writing to curry favor with the leadership of the minority party and end some terrible retribution for my past sins against orthodoxy....