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Schoenbeck: There Is No Tenure

Last updated on 2013.01.24

Listen to Lee: there is no tenure!

There hasn't been a legal impediment to terminating an educator in South Dakota since 1995....

There may have been a management issue that continued since 1995 as to whether administrators are doing their job [Former state legislator Lee Schoenbeck, interview, Statehouse Live, 2012.01.31].

There's certainly no management issue at Wolsey-Wessington, where superintendent James Cutshaw found "tenure" (more accurately called continuing contract) no barrier at all to clearing out the teachers he felt weren't performing up to par. Good administrators can get rid of bad teachers.

Sections 37 through 43 of HB 1234, the continuing contract revisions, are an unnecessary attack on teacher rights. There is no tenure, only due process that protects good teachers from bad administrators.


  1. Charlie Hoffman 2012.02.16

    So Corey you have become jealous that Bernie gets some of the Schoenbeck Wave over on the SD Magazine and decided to ride a little over on the Madville Freedom Train?

    I listen to Lee. He talks faster than I can listen; but I still listen. :)

  2. caheidelberger Post author | 2012.02.16

    Of course not, Charlie; I just thought Lee offered a very important insight as to why at least one third of the bill you voted for last week is at best useless, if not counterproductive. If you're listening to Lee, you'll ask your Senate pals to amend by striking Sections 37 through 43, inclusive.

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